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Croquet, a proposed amenity for Liberty Center UPDATED 12/27

Below are links to information about the Croquet court proposal at Liberty Center in lieu of 4 unusable and unneeded bocce courts.

The Croquet Proposal Fact Sheet

A 6-Wicket Court Configuration

Scope of Work

If you have a question or would like additional information, please contact Ron Johnson at




The Croquet Poll

Click to take me to the Croquet Poll:






 Gypsy Painting Contractors Continue to Plague Sun City Anthem Homeowners 

Gypsy painting contractors are already among us, offering low-ball pricing, substandard painting practices, using paint of unknown quality and unauthorized color schemes. For the unaware homeowner that’s looking to get their house exterior painted, perhaps even save a few dollars, this sounds like a win-win situation until you delve a little deeper into the process and potential problems that may be encountered.

Under our governing documents, such contractors may not proceed until the homeowner first obtains approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) with the painting color scheme and details in hand. Without that advanced approval, the homeowner is the one who is liable for the painting decisions that are made.

Meeting at 9:00 a.m. in the Anthem Center on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month, ARC approval should be forthcoming even though actual painting may be delayed a few days while such approval is obtained.

Are there any potential liability concerns if the homeowner fails to obtain ARC approval? That depends on the issue, like having your home painted with a noncompliant color scheme, and who you ask. If you ask the ARC, the answer is an unequivocal yes. If you ask RMI as the board’s representative, the answer becomes equivocal. If you ask the board, the impression is that they do not want to take responsibility for sanctioning homeowners that adopt a noncompliant color scheme. The type of sanctioning we are talking about is to require the homeowner to repaint their home in an approved color scheme.

Why do I have that impression about the board’s sanctioning attitude? While the board is not adverse to advising homeowners of their responsibility to repaint using an approved color scheme, there is no evidence to demonstrate that the board is remotely serious about that requirement. How come?

If the board were serious about the color scheme requirement, each month the Spirit magazine would contain cumulative and monthly statistics telling us how many homeowners were required to repaint their homes. The chance of that happening is very low. Until that happens, you can expect to see the number of Sun City Anthem homes with noncompliant color schemes growing.

Does that mean you can paint your house any color scheme you wish, like red, yellow, purple, etc? Unfortunately, until the board takes a more decisive stance on color scheme compliance, the available evidence suggests that the answer to that question is YES!

If you want to follow the established painting color scheme guidelines, you may do so by accessing the “Paint My House” link on the Sun City Anthem website at as follows: first, click on the Board/Committees tab; second, then click on Architectural Committee; third, scroll down the page until you see the following: “Exterior paint scheme can be found here: Paint My House,” and finally, click on the link “Paint My House.” There you will find Color Scheme information for the model of your home.

In a five minute drive around a few nearby neighborhood blocks, I spotted half dozen homes that were painted using a noncompliant color scheme. If I can find so many in so little time, how many other noncompliant color schemes are out there among our 7,000+ homes? Pictured at left is an example of a Sun City home with a noncompliant color scheme.

The current board/RMI policy is to sit back and place the burden of community compliance on individual complaints. The only conclusion you can reach by that stance is that if there are no neighbor complaints, then noncompliant color schemes are apparently OK. If the board thought they had a fiduciary duty to the community to maintain design standards, they would do so.

As I see it, the board's failure to monitor and take action to bring about compliance has a cumulative and deleterious effect on the community. At some point, the board's inaction becomes the accepted standard and cannot be reversed. The board's failure to enforce presumably reasonable design standards today makes it impossible for any future board to protect the community from such action in the future.

If the board is unwilling or unable to enforce design standards, how is a homeowner expected to know if any given design standard cannot be ignored without incurring a penalty? The answer is that they do not know and apparently the homeowner may cross the design line at any time without concern for adverse consequences.

An SCA View Election Editorial by Ron Johnson, 2 April 2013

Board candidate Jim Long, a question of integrity

In support of his candidacy for reelection to the board, one blogger provided his readers with positive information about Jim Long, who currently serves as president of the association. Given what amounts to a glowing recommendation, many voters likely will be motivated to vote for Mr. Long. One gathers that Jim Long displays the kind of qualities homeowners look to and would like to see in someone who is charged with directing the nine million dollar Sun City Anthem Community Association Corporation.

Standing at the top of a long list of leadership qualities that are commonly recognized is integrity. A person who exhibits integrity is someone who adheres to a code of moral and ethical principles. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness of one's actions. Sadly, overwhelming evidence has come to light that challenge whether the board was honest and truthful in a key legal matter between the association and state's investigator.

No one should dispute that board directors have a fiduciary duty to members to act honestly. However, when credible evidence demonstrates that directors have engaged in dishonest behavior, they no longer deserve your trust, let alone your vote. That would be the case when considering whether to cast your vote for Jim Long’s reelection bid to another two-year term on the board.

When in 2012 the state’s investigator looking into possible association wrongdoing wrote about a communication from the association about a significant Neighborhood reserve study event that never happened, it was clear that the assocation had lied to the state. In my view, the only person who had authority to make that decision to lie to the state would have been the president of the association, namely Jim Long.

Decisions having a significant legal impact are typically made either in executive session or in secret by a few select board members without obtaining board approval. There is no evidence that the decisions to fabricate evidence and lie to the state were made in executive session. It makes little difference how or why the decision to lie was arrived at since the result is the same.

It is simply unreasonable to expect voting homeowners to accept or tolerate dishonest behavior in a matter that entailed formal communication of a lie the state agency that was investigating possible association wrongdoing.

For the reasons set out above, I ask you to retire Jim Long from his seat on the board by leaving his ballot choice blank.


Does the 2012 board and the three incumbents running for reelection really deserve credit for the IRS and Construction Defects settlements? And what about credit for the outcome of that search for a viable restaurant tenant? To find the answers to these questions, please Click here.



Making Sense out of the IRS Settlement, an SCA View Editorial by Ron Johnson, 24 March 2013



In David Berman’s recent article, he answers a reader who he claims had asked him this question:

“Doesn’t the settlement for about $140,000 counting fees and interest still amount to a failure by that particular Board,” she asks, “since a proper filing would have resulted in no tax being owed at all?”
[David writes] The answer is a resounding NO.

The 2007 tax return was audited by the IRS in 2010-11. You can read a copy of the IRS audit report here. In 2007, Roz Berman was the treasurer of the association and at the time the 2007 tax return was filed by the association in 2008, Roz Berman was president of the board. I have the impression that had Roz’ fingerprints not been all over this issue in 2008, Mr. Berman would not have been inclined to respond as he did.

Rather than a mere disagreement between parties over which form should have been filed, the IRS can only act on the basis of the action taken by the association in its filing of taxes owned on IRS Form 1120. Whether the association exercised due diligence in filing Form 1120 is another matter. One assumes the association had relied on competent tax advice in determining the tax filing obligations of the association. As the record demonstrates, year after year such annual filings using Form 1120 resulted in no tax liability owed.

However, while those tax filings properly addressed the association's legal obligations, the association's boards conveniently decided to ignored a key requirement of those filings. That key requirement would ultimately undermine the association’s truthfulness in filing their annual tax form. The board's actions demonstrated the association’s failure to comply with the provisions of IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604 that was referenced in the 2007 tax return and association documents. As stated in the 2007 tax return, “current excess membership income will be carried over to the following year’s assessments.” That did not happen.

According to a documented association president’s representation, subsequent tax records and 2008 board minutes, 2007 excess income was NOT carried over or credited to the following year’s assessments. Not only that, the IRS audit disclosed that millions in excess income had accumulated for several years and also had not been returned or credited towards homeowner assessments as required by that revenue ruling. It was that fact which resulted in the auditor’s determination that $1.345 million was owed. The association’s ongoing effort to rewrite history will not change that initial determination.

That determined underpayment and penalty was the IRS’ administrative or field auditor position on the application of IRS law and regulations. The unanswered question for the association in appealing that determination was what would the IRS agree to accept in settling the case if the association was unsuccessful in arguing that no underpayment was owed?

For the IRS, any decision to settle on terms different from the amount determined owned rested on whether the IRS’s administrative position was legally defensible, that is, sustainable at trial in the United States Tax Court should the association decide to litigate. To the extent the IRS considered their legal position was weak or vulnerable due to a statute of limitations issue being raised, a mutually agreed settlement was preferred to a possible adverse court decision at trial.

It was my experience that Federal agencies are prone to avoid court decisions where the agency’s administrative position is not a well settled issue in law to justify litigation. In our case, the auditor computed a tax liability for the millions in excess income that had accumulated in prior years, which amount had been declared as income on the 2007 tax return. By excluding such prior year excess amounts from that cumulative total, the resulting tax liability owed would be substantially reduced. That exclusion decision ultimately led to a compromise settlement with the IRS.     

In filing the 2007 tax return, had the 2008 board complied with the terms of the Revenue Ruling 70-604 and returned the accumulated excess income to the homeowners in 2008, there would have been no reason for IRS to conduct an audit, let alone make a finding of taxes owed. The 2008 board failed to do what they had declared to the IRS they promised to do. Did certain 2008 board members have a reason to lie to the IRS and association members in their tax filing and board resolution dated 28 August 2008? You would have to ask those who signed that board resolution and the 2007 tax return.

So, to reiterate the true answer to the question raised by David’s reader, you are absolutely correct that a proper tax filing would have resulted in no tax being owed at all.


An SCA View Editorial on a Five-Year Pattern of Corruption in Sun City Anthem by Ron Johnson, 22 March 2013

Sun City AnthemThe Top Luxurious Active Adult Community in the Nation, at least if you can rely on the assessment of Bill Ness, the author of Top Luxurious . . . ., a real estate broker and a former sales manager for a Chicago area Del Webb community. How does a luxurious active adult community like Sun City Anthem achieve the pinnacle of becoming the top such community? Given Mr. Ness’ provenance, that’s not hard to imagine for an enterprising real estate salesman and former Del Webb employee.

Here is a partial list of acts undertaken by successive Sun City Anthem Boards over the past five years that apparently were not taken into account in determining the top luxurious active adult community in the nation:

  1. Since 2007, 5 years of corrupt acts by our board of directors.
  2. To this day, withheld documentation and lied to the community about whether the terms of the 2007 settlement agreement met Neighborhood reserve requirements.
  3. Failed to honor one’s fiduciary duty to Neighborhood homeowners by fraudulently denying the existence of any association liability to such homeowners.
  4. Fraudulently assessed Neighborhood homeowners for additional reserves that were known to be owed by the association.
  5. Fabricated a record for Neighborhood homeowners to read that portrayed the truth about Neighborhood reserves knowing that such record was false, a sham that was designed to deceive.
  6. Fabricated association financial records for the purpose of creating a false document about Neighborhood reserves.
  7. Knowingly provided false information to association reserve specialist Diversified Facility Services (DFS) for the purpose of denying any liability to Neighborhood homeowners for reserves.  
  8. Conspired with reserve specialist DFS to falsify the level of fully-funded reserves in the case of Neighborhood reserve studies.
  9. Perpetuated the continued use of fabricated reserve study information in future reserve studies by failing to correct database information and reported outputs known to be false.
  10. Failed to retroactively correct fabricated Neighborhood reserve data that knowingly perpetuated financial fraud against Neighborhood homeowners.
  11. Select board members conspired to commit the board to and did provide the Henderson Police Department with false information in response to an HPD investigation into possible criminal wrongdoing.
  12. Such board-supplied information was reported by the HPD to falsely conclude that no criminal wrongdoing had taken place, suggesting that those select board members and the city were working in concert to bring about an extralegal outcome to a politically sensitive issue.  
  13. Select board members caused the Henderson Police Department to arrest two Sun City Anthem homeowners for filing an accurate report of board wrongdoing that proved too political for our parochial and challenged city to properly resolve. 
  14. Recently fabricated a story of a key reserve study measurement event that did not take place for the purpose of exonerating past board members of alleged wrongdoing. That sorry event was memorialized in the article, The Big Lie here.
  15. Submitted that false story to Nevada state officials investigating wrongdoing in order to deceive the state into believing the truth of a story that board officials knew was false.      

This list attempts to accurately describe the sorry state of governance in which we have lived for the past five years. It’s a record that no active adult community would want to emulate yet come close to in terms of deliberately committing acts of wrongdoing. As we have learned from past experience, ostensibly good people were not making mere administrative mistakes or exercising poor judgment but instead were embarking on a pattern of deliberate acts of wrongdoing in clear violation of statutes that were designed to govern the board’s behavior in performing their fiduciary duty. 

Given the above record, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Sun City Anthem stands alone as the most corrupt association when compared to their Sun City counterparts. Fortunately, all is not lost. You have an opportunity to begin the process of changing that disgraceful record in making your ballot decisions beginning in early April.

I urge you to vote for the two new candidates Jim Mayfield and Kay Frank. As new board members you can anticipate that Jim and Kay will bring a new perspective to the board. Of the 5 candidates running for the board, Kay Frank is the only candidate on record as favoring an open and transparent board that will not accept actions of the type listed above. While the three incumbents running for reelection might espouse similar attitudes, the actions of the 2012-13 board listed above would call such attitudes into question.

In casting your vote for Jim Mayfield and Kay Frank, you will be voting for a needed and positive change in the direction that Sun City Anthem boards have taken over the past five years. Since you can cast your vote for 4 open board positions, I urge you to cast your other two votes for Bella Meese and Mike Carey. In my opinion, a vote for Jim Long will only serve to perpetuate decisions that have acted to discredit the 2012-13 board.  

For additional information about Kay Frank, her accomplishments, volunteer efforts and Sun City Anthem activities, please click on this Link.



An SCA View Editorial by Ron Johnson, 16 March 2013

Efforts you can make to address the cycle of corruption

The only way to address the cycle of corruption that has plagued one Sun City Anthem board after another is for homeowners to assume more responsibility over the election process. They can begin doing that in one of two ways: by denying the reelection of current board members or, more significantly, by denying the reelection of those board members who are key officers, like the president and treasurer of the association. In boards since 2007, members holding these positions were more likely to make decisions that exceed the authority granted them under our governing documents. 

Assuming that what’s past is prologue, meaning that the past typically sets the stage for actions that take place in the future, significant change can take place only if the association’s key officers are not rewarded with reelection for transgressions understood to have occurred on their watch. When matters adversely affecting the association’s governance go awry or are called into question, responsibility for those decisions is properly attributed to those in a key leadership capacity. That’s especially true in matters where wrongdoing has been alleged. Sadly, a pattern of lies and cover up efforts affecting financial matters and records have prevailed since 2007.       

In the current election, of the three board candidates seeking reelection, the only person in a leadership position is president Jim Long. Denying Jim Long a second term on the board will accomplish these important objectives:

  • first, it will guarantee that someone else will assume the leadership role as president that Mr. Long had yielded;
  • second, it will eliminate any influence that Mr. Long might have on the board; and
  • third and significantly, it should send a clear message to current and future board members that homeowners are disappointed and concerned about the direction that Sun City’s leaders have taken over the past several years that worked to discredit the management and governance of the association.

One blogger has occasionally reminded the community on the role played by Unity’s past election endorsements. An alleged key feature of Unity was something called “cooperation.” In practice, however, such “cooperation” has come to mean not merely an implied intolerance to dissent, but a willingness to engage in orchestrated wrongdoing, making decisions not sanctioned by our governing documents without documentation or board consensus, and contrary to one’s fiduciary duty, by maintaining silence in order to protect one’s own wrongdoing or to protect the wrongdoing of others. 

You can make a positive difference in Sun City Anthem’s future governance by voting to make a change in the association’s leadership. Your vote to begin that process will help to guarantee that future boards are free of the inclination or pressure to violate well established principles contained in our governing documents.

An SCA View Editorial by Ron Johnson, 8 March 2013

Sitting in on a conversation between the State’s Investigator and a member of the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors
"Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."

The set up: A brief synopsis follows. The board has received a state inquiry concerning the basis for certain changes that appeared in the 2008 Updated Reserve Studies for the Villa Neighborhoods. Those changes greatly altered the reported outputs for the level of required reserves. In response to that inquiry, the board submitted information allegedly obtained from RMI’s Bruno Panek, the association’s Facilities Manager, that attempted to explain how those reserve study changes occurred. In his explanation, Mr. Panek alleged that his “my guy” was tasked on 15 July 2007 to measure the size of a Villa building, a key reserve study metric. That “my guy” measurement resulted in the association’s use of a markedly lower figure than was permitted by the statute, a figure that was subsequently used by the association and by the reserve specialist to calculate the level of required reserves. As a result, the level of required reserves for Villa Neighborhoods was altered to portray a lower and false result.  

The Problem: There is credible evidence to demonstrate that Mr. Panek’s “my guy” story never happened. That led to the conclusion the association had deliberately lied to the state by setting out to cover up the association’s role in fabricating the reserve study database and the required reserves needed to fund Villa reserves.

The participants: The state’s investigator and an unidentified member of the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors.

The Action: Below is a portion of a hypothetical exchange between the State’s investigator and an unidentified board member. 

State’s Investigator (SI): How did the Bruno Panek “my guy” story first come to the attention of the board?

Board Member (BM): Are you going to read me my rights?

SI: No, we’re just chatting here, trying to understand what happened. Besides, that won’t be necessary since there is no reason to believe that anyone had committed an offense that could result in one’s imprisonment, that is, a situation where Fifth Amendment rights can be invoked.

BM: Frankly, I’m a little uncomfortable talking about something that could lead to penalties or other sanctions against board members and, or the association.

SI: I understand. But don’t worry about that. We’re not recording this and there is no transcript of our discussion. I thought you had agreed to cooperate. Was I misinformed?

BM: No, you are correct. However, I may not be as forthcoming as you might prefer.

SI: I understand. Let’s continue and see how this goes.

BM: Well, the Bruno Panek story came to our attention as a means of resolving the State’s inquiry into the basis for certain changes that appeared in the 2008 Updated Reserve Studies for the Villa Neighborhoods.  

SI: Are you saying the board shared the state’s inquiry with non-board members, solicited their input, and adopted that input as the board’s official response to the state?  

BM: Correct.

SI: Are you saying the board did not know how to respond to the state’s inquiry or that the board knew how to respond but understood that its response would necessarily implicate past board members and others in the falsification of data used in the calculation of required reserves?

BM: The board knew how to respond but decided not to do so, preferring instead to seek an alternate explanation for what occurred that would avoid focusing attention on past alleged wrongdoings. 

SI: What is the name of the person(s) who crafted and brought the board the Bruno Panek story?

BM: At this time, I would like to pass on answering that question.

SI: What efforts, if any, did you make to verify the accuracy of the claims made by Mr. Panek in his “my guy” story?

BM: None. That was unnecessary since I was aware that the Bruno Panek story was false.

SI: How involved was the board in deciding how to proceed with and respond to the state’s inquiry? It’s my understanding that potential legal matters are brought up for discussion in executive sessions.

Was that practice followed in this instance?

BM: No, most board members were kept in the dark. Given the nature of our proposed response to the state’s inquiry, efforts were made to limit board member exposure to as few persons as possible.

SI: Are you saying that there is no association record of the decision-making process for the board’s handling of and response to the state’s investigation or who participated in that process? 

BM: That is my understanding.

SI: Since the association was submitting a document to the state that was knowingly false, wasn’t there any concern that the falsity of the association’s document would be tested, challenged or become openly known?

BM: No, there was no concern whatsoever. 

SI: Can you please explain why there was no concern?

BM: Those responsible for submitting a response to the state were led to believe the state would merely accept without question what they were told without regard to its veracity. I was informed that had been the association’s experience in the past.

More significantly, we were led to believe that the contents of our false submission to the state would remain confidential—in other words, the contents of our submission would never see the light of day to potentially expose what amounted to our efforts to deceive the state by covering up past transgressions. 

SI: Clearly, the board was mistaken. Who misled the board to arrive at those anticipated outcomes?

BM: I would like to take a break at this point.

SI: Perhaps we can continue after lunch.

[A future appointment is being scheduled.]





An SCA View Commentary on Vic’s Restaurant

For those long-forgotten tasters and board members who were overwhelmed by Vic’s initial presentation, they and you should be prepared to be overwhelmed again when you make your dining selections at Vic’s. While there are many homeowners who can readily afford the fare for an evening’s dining experience at Vic’s, it is clear to me that Vic’s is not a restaurant that most Sun City Anthem diners had in mind when that restaurant decision was placed in the hands of the board to make.

Of course, you will want to make that dining decision for yourself. To assist you in that effort, here is some basic information that might help towards that end.  

Vic’s offers two dining choices. First, there is a modestly priced menu for members only that includes an entrée with a side, a salad and a shared dessert that is geared to early diners, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The average price for the 7 available entrées is $15 ranging in price from $14 to $17. Given the attractive pricing and the included items, this menu offering should be a popular choice.

On the other hand, if you prefer to begin your dining experience after 6:00 p.m., you have an array of dining options, including 17 different entrée items ranging in price from $18 to $48. There is no member discount applied here. Of the 17 items offered, 9 are à la carte. You have a choice of 11 sides at $7, or a baked potato for $5. With a side dish, the average price of a meal is $33. Add a Caesar salad for $10 and your average dinner price per person is $43. Dont's forget the wine and dessert.

There are also 8 additional, more expensive menu items such as filet, rib eye, lobster and lamb, 7 of which are priced on the menu, that include a side dish, averaging $39. Adding a Caesar salad to those entrées brings the total of your dining experience to $49.

Throw in an $8 spring roll appetizer and a nice dessert and you are looking at an average meal cost of $60-65 per person, excluding tax.

At those prices, we would find after 6:00 p.m. dining at Vic’s unaffordable under any foreseeable circumstance. Regrettably, I have the impression that our situation is not that different from that experienced by 90% of Sun City’s dining out community. If that judgment proves accurate, it is difficult to understand where Vic’s is expecting to find a large enough customer base that will support the restaurant’s high-end dining operations. Bon appétit.

To see Vic’s menu, Click here.

Ron Johnson, 2 March 2013


Alice in Wonderland (City of Henderson)

In David Berman’s 11 February update to the Frank-Stebbins case against the City of Henderson, he makes an interesting departure by including a statement from the Defendants’ (City of Henderson) counsel. In doing so, one must assume that David attaches some importance to that statement. I happen to agree with Mr. Berman, but for entirely different reasons. Here is what David wrote: (to read the rest of this article, Click here.)


In the Upcoming Election, You Will Have an Opportunity to Change Direction:  Questions about Sun City Anthem Governance

When testimony is fabricated to portray an outright lie and that lie is then submitted to a state agency as alleged proof that association wrongdoing did not occur, what does that say about the state of Sun City Anthem governance?

On the one hand, there is irrefutable evidence of back room lies being created and willful deceptions being crafted and submitted to the state’s agency that has been investigating wrongdoing. On the other hand, homeowners are being led to believe that Sun City governance and transparency issues are being addressed and getting better. In the face of such behind closed door behavior, what can homeowners make of public announcements to the contrary? Admittedly, some homeowners prefer to remain in denial while others are wedded by affiliation to accept a pattern of wrongdoing.  

The board’s duplicitous actions should be of upmost concern to those who respect transparency and responsible governance. Such actions illustrate the potential cost to the community of reelecting board members who will be seeking your support for another two-year term. When you cast your vote, the community will not be served by rewarding those who have remained silent, acquiesced or participated in such flagrant behavior.  

  Ron Johnson, 10 February



The Problem. The foam fascia panels installed under the eaves of many homes were inadequately fastened during construction. This problem results in numerous cracks appearing in the stucco applied over the foam panels.

What homes are affected? Only Phase 2 homes constructed in 2004 and all homes built thereafter. Pulte advised that all homes constructed from 1998 to the end of 2003 are not affected by this problem.

What changed in 2004?  According to Pulte, beginning sometime in 2004 the subcontractor altered their method of securing the foam panels to the walls. This new method of fastening foam fascia panels ultimately resulted in the formation of cracks in the stucco and the exposure of the foam panels that lie underneath.

What is Pulte doing about this problem?  Upon a homeowner’s request, Pulte will schedule a visit to determine whether the stucco cracks observed by the homeowner warrant a repair. If the work is authorized, the panels and cracks will be repaired by adding nails, covering the nails and cracks, and painting over the fix. Authorization will depend on the extent of the damage and whether the foam panels are exposed. I am advised that small or hairline cracks will not be repaired.

Is Pulte notifying affected homeowners by mail? No. The homeowner assumes the risk of not contacting Pulte.

Will Pulte be visiting homes to determine whether the fascia problem is present? No. The homeowner assumes the risk of not contacting Pulte.

Homeowner’s responsibility. Since Pulte assumes no responsibility for alerting potentially affected homeowners to this fascia problem, repairs will be made only in response to those homeowners who contact Pulte’s Customer Service department.

Have you scheduled or plan to paint the exterior? Painting will VOID Pulte's agreement to fix your fascia problem. Painting performed by a contractor will only cover up or mask the unlying fascia problem and will not fix that problem.

How to contact Pulte. Pulte’s Customer Service department may be contacted by phone to 1-800-664-3089 or by email to     

How can homeowners help? Homeowner living in Villages constructed from 2004 and thereafter should contact their village leader or email or telephone-tree coordinator so that repair information is made available to all homeowners in their Village.    



The Poster may grow larger and become more readable if you pass your cursor over the image.





















The Construction Defects Settlement with Pulte and Slide Presentation. Here is a slide presentation on the details of the $5 million settlement with Pulte covering Independence Center, Anthem Center, Civil Issues (Block Walls; Iron Fence; Anthem Center Parking Lot; Pinnacle roads) and Villa building exteriors.

To view the presentation, Click on this Link 24 Jan




Who is the real threat to the community?

Below in italics is what David Berman recently wrote about Bob Frank and the return of surplus funds. According to David, Bob got it wrong and David presented what he claimed were the documented facts. At least that is what David would like his readers to believe.

And then there’s the matter of the several millions of dollars in surplus funds that Bob Frank claims were not returned to the homeowners.

Fortunately, the record shows otherwise, with about $4.1 million in surplus funds being returned to YOU, the SCA homeowners, in the form of full or partial assessment (dues) holidays in the fourth quarter of 2008, 2009 and 2010. Bob Frank has continuously refused to admit this documented fact.

In reading what David has written about what Sun City’s financial record shows, I have the distinct feeling that David is attempting to do today what he had failed to do years ago when he was engaged in the practice of law, namely, to pull the wool over the eyes of his readers. Then his readers were associated with the Massachusetts justice court system and today his readers are the homeowners of Sun City Anthem.

If we believe David, the millions in carryforward surplus funds yet to be returned by the board that Bob Frank has talked about were in fact returned to the homeowners. That would be nice if David’s claim were true. Unfortunately we cannot rely on his or his family’s counting skills when it comes down to accurate reporting or providing a basis for their assumptions or calculations. As the below table shows, David is off by $1.5 million in his claim of $4.1 million compared to the board reported return of excess carryforward funds of $2.6 million. Apparently David believes it’s OK to lie to or mislead his readers if his reason in doing so is important enough. I’ll get to that problem of David’s in a separate article.

All that higher education should have taught David that when counting the number of apples in the bin one does not also include in that apple count the number of pears in the bin. That’s exactly what David has done in making the claim he did. That kind of mistake is simply a mistake a person does not readily make unless they are intent on deceiving the tallyman, the recipient, or in this instance, one’s readers.

With all that available brainpower, surely David would have understood that Bob Frank’s unreturned millions referred to the excess income that was reported annually on the association’s annual tax returns and was carryforward from the prior year. After all, that huge issue was the subject of a police investigation into alleged wrongdoing as well as an audit by the IRS, two recent memories not easily forgotten. Actually, David knew only too well the magnitude of and the basis for the amounts that Frank claimed had been retained by the association and not returned to the homeowners as required by IRS regulations. David did not want to disclose that Bob was correct because he had a different agenda in mind. For David it was enough to simply lie and obfuscate. 

Before making his unfounded accusations against Bob Frank’s claim that such carryforward funds were never returned, David should have relied on the association’s own 2011 board tax planning workshop report by Treasurer Dan Forgeron. In contrast to David, Forgeron accurately reported the amounts of carryforward funds from 2003 to 2010, information that is on the association’s website and conspicuously that information was ignored by Berman. 

As shown in column (b) of the table below and reported by Dan Forgeron, the total amount of carryforward funds that were returned during the three-year period from 2008-2010 was $2.659 million, not the $4.1 million that was reported by Berman.

Of particular significance in Forgeron’s tax planning document is the board’s acknowledgment that the amount of 2010 carryforward funds to 2011 was $2.121 million, as shown in Column (c) for the year ending in 2010. Although David knows that that $2.121 million was not returned in 2011 or in 2012, he nevertheless would like his readers to believe his fabricated claim. In other words, David lied.

Forgeron’s report effectively demonstrated the board’s plan to ignore the IRS requirement to return those carryforward funds to the homeowners. Forgeron creatively proposed that those funds would be used for a variety of other association purposes. In doing so, Forgeron implied that such amounts were needed to meet a presumed but unsubstantiated shortfall in association funds.

Having ignored the IRS regulation to return excess carryforward income for years until the audit of the 2007 tax return determined the association had failed to comply, one might think the board would have welcomed the opportunity to return the $2.121 million in carryforward funds that remained at the end of 2010. Bob Frank was correct since that return never happened.

I'm confident the association would like the opportunity to demonstrate that excluding those $2.121 million in carryforward funds the amount of income that was collected in 2011 was not sufficient to meet 2011 expenditures.

The table below. This table compares Berman's cumulative total claim of $4.1 million for the three-year period from 2008 to 2010, represented by Column (a), to the Board's reported surplus amounts that were carryforward and returned to the homeowners during that same three-year period. That total is $2.659 million, not even close to Berman's claim of $4.1 million.

For example, for the year 2008, no carryforward funds from the prior year's carryforward surplus were reported returned to the homeowners. As a result, the 2008 cell in Column (b) is blank. The blank amount means that zero dollars from the 2007 carryforward surplus were used in 2008 to fund 2008 expenditures. That means the monies to fund the partial fourth quarter assessment holiday in 2008 originated from excess funds that were accumulating during the year. Excess income was accumulating in 2008 as a result of an increase beginning in 2008 in assessments by $160, from $940 to $1100 annually. 2008 income from homeowner assessments far exceeded planned expenditures, thereby enabling the board to reduce fourth quarter assessments.

In contrast, in 2009 the board reported that $1.408 million was returned to the homeowner. That 2009 returned amount, as reported by the board, came from funds that were carryforward from the prior year, 2008. The amount of the carryforward funds shown by Column (c) for 2008 was $4.780 million. As a result of the partial use of those funds in 2009, the carryforward amount from 2008 to 2009 decreased by $1.408 million, as shown in Column (d), i.e., reflecting a change from $4.780 million at the end of 2008 to $3.372 million at the end of 2009.


         Showing the amount of 

 Board Reported 

Showing amount


       carryforward surplus funds 


the carryforward


  the board returned in the year

 Surplus for the

surplus increased


 Berman's Claim



or decreased (  )









 $         3,845,000

 $              666,000


 $          714,000

 $                     -  

 $         4,780,000

 $              935,000


 $        1,714,000

 $     1,408,000

 $         3,372,000

 $        (1,408,000)


 $        1,714,000

 $     1,251,000

 $         2,121,000

 $        (1,251,000)


 $        4,142,000

 $     2,659,000



Ron Johnson 23 January 2013


Below is a Cartoon by Ron Johnson Illustrating Years of Failed Leadership and Corruption in Sun City Anthem.


When will the board decide to put a stop to the lies

& their efforts to cover-up past wrongdoings?



Visit Anthem Center's new fitness center scheduled to reopen on Monday January 14th. To learn more about what's new, Click on the following Link: New Fitness Center Exercise Opportunities



To view FINRA's hour-long program "Outsmarting Investment Fraud" online from your computer, iPad or similar tablet, Click on the LINK below. This feature is presented by FINRA's Investor Education Foundation President Jerri Walsh and was developed in partnership with AARP. Utilizing compelling stories of victims and perpetrators, the video uncovers the persuasion tactics that con artists use to defraud their victims and the basic tools investors can use to defend against fraud.




HPD Chief MoersIn his “Hello” article in the November Spirit, City of Henderson Chief of Police Patrick Moers addressed some resident concerns. Those concerns included the failure to locate a sub-station in the Anthem area, response times on calls for service, and the appearance of a rise in crime in the area. In a nutshell, Chief Moers said that there was no money for a new sub-station, response times were good, and there has been no increase in crime, although homeowners are now more aware of crime as a result of the availability of information on criminal activities through the Alert ID program.

What Chief Moers did not address in his article was another matter of some concern. That was the outcome of a police department meeting in 2010 with members of the association’s board of directors that led to HPD’s filing with the court a false affidavit requesting authority to arrest two Sun City Anthem homeowners.

Since that meeting formed the basis for what the HPD learned about certain tax-related issues then under investigation, one would ordinarily assume that Sun City Anthem board members present would have been scrupulous in accurately conveying information they had reason to believe the HPD would rely on. Sadly, HPD’s affidavit depicting what the HPD learned at that meeting did not reflect the type of understanding one might expect to acquire from an examination of relevant facts.

Inexplicably, HPD’s subsequent affidavit recounting what had been learned at that meeting demonstrates that the HPD learned the opposite of what was true about what the 2008 board had done with excess funds that were carried over from 2007. How could the HPD have gotten it so wrong to conclude that no wrongdoing had occurred? Was the HPD simply inept in their understanding of what they were told? That’s unlikely. Was the board inept in their understanding of what had occurred in 2008? That’s unlikely given the financial knowledge and abilities of Jack Troia and Roz Berman who were charged with conveying only true and accurate facts.

Given that both parties were equally competent to understand the facts, one should rightly assume that the actual purpose of the HPD-Association meeting was other than an unbiased examination of relevant facts to determine the outcome of the HPD’s investigation into possible wrongdoing. Ironically, some have concluded that the actual purpose of that fateful meeting was not merely to set the stage for the exoneration of board members Berman and Cooper as alleged wrongdoers but was actually to set the stage for the subsequent false arrest and prosecution of Bob Frank and Tim Stebbins. If true, would not that act constitute a crime?

Since 2007 and up to the present 2011-12 board, one can only marvel at the many ways Sun City Anthem boards have managed to elude their fiduciary duty to association members by engaging in one corrupt act after another.

2011-12 BoardThe 2011-12 board of directors deserves your attention for a disappointing outcome. That outcome had the effect of corrupting the otherwise good name of the association by lying to a state agency that was investigating past wrongdoing.       





And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (Revised Standard Version, John 8:32).

For the perpetrators of fraud against the financial interest of the Villa homeowners, the truth of the matter did not work so well. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the truth in this matter will help to further ensnarl if not seal forever the fate of the alleged wrongdoers as the actual wrongdoers. That was not the outcome the association and RMI had hoped for when they proffered their “my guy” story to the State in its investigation of alleged wrongdoing.

On the contrary, the expectation was that the association’s “my guy” story would have made those alleged perpetrators free of suspicion of wrongdoing and free of guilt. But that did not happen. In fact, the opposite happened. Those alleged perpetrators are now viewed even more guilty than they were viewed before the “my guy” story was disclosed. The origins and consequences of the association’s “my guy” story is covered in greater detail in my article, The Big Lie.

The disclosure of that false “my guy” story had the unintended effect of confirming guilt rather than getting the alleged perpetrators out of limbo as the likely perpetrators. What’s utterly surprising is not that someone might make such a foolhardy proposal to the board to lie to the state on a matter that was factually understood to be impossible, but that responsible board officials could be counted on go along with such a scheme. My faith in this board’s transparency and honesty has been severely tested.

Ron Johnson 14 Dec


In the next several months, you will be asked to vote for this or that candidate for the board. When you are encouraged to go along with those just like the ones you voted for in the past, please understand that recent boards were composed of directors who were as interested in engaging in unlawful acts and covering up those acts as they have been in meeting the community’s needs.

If you are satisfied with the knowledge that some directors had committed wrongdoing in the past while others are willing to lie to a state agency that’s investigating such wrongdoing, then by all means that is exactly what acts your vote may encourage in the future. On the other hand, if wrongdoing and lying to a state agency is not something you are anxious to see on the 2013-14 board, you may want to consider voting for candidates who are unwilling to tolerate such behavior, preferring those who at least profess transparency, honesty and integrity in governing Sun City Anthem. 

Assume that you were elected to fill one of the four open seats on the 2013-14 board, would you vote to lie to a state agency to cover up past wrongdoing, let alone go along with those who would lie? Sadly, that is exactly what membership on the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors has come to entail. 

For those who did not know, illegal or dishonest acts are typically excluded acts under D&O insurance policies and such acts are not considered acting “in good faith” and therefore are not protected from claims under the business judgment rule. If wrongdoers are not protected from liability, it goes without saying that efforts to cover up bad acts are likewise not protected or covered under such policies or rules.

Ron Johnson 14 Dec


The contrast in the above Election image was adjusted & was provided courtsey of


Sadly, Sun City Anthem has been and continues to be plagued by ongoing efforts to corrupt the good deeds performed by many of our volunteer leaders as evidenced in my most recent article below, called The Big Lie.

Here in this CORRUPTION CHRONICLES article I chronicle a number of false claims that were made by board members or their agents over the past 5 years in an effort that was designed to deceive or lie to homeowners about a matter of significance. The one-page summary chronicling Sun City's corruption is displayed in an easily readable chart format.

The Corruption Chronicles 27 Nov 2012



The recent disclosure of a 5-year old story has surprising and disturbing implications for Sun City. That story was told to a State agency in part one assumes to exonerate former board member Roz Berman and others from accusations of wrongdoing in connection with the falsification of association records. Those financial records were doctored in order to eliminate a potential indebtedness of transition reserves to Villa homeowners. That unbelievable story is the subject of my article here called The Big Lie. To read, Click on the following Link.

The Big Lie 15 Nov 2012



A Proposal to Change Channel 99 Oversight. Also, do Ch. 99's underwriting practices jeopardize our agreement with Cox Communications? Ch. 99 13 Aug



Were Rosalyn Berman and Roger Cooper guilty of criminal conduct when they signed a certain board resolution?

While most homeowners might prefer to say, "NO," the City's Chief Fraud Investigator Sgt. Jeffrey Farley appears to come to a different conclusion when one examines what he wrote in his affidavit.

Guilty 7 July




On Ron Johnson’s Belief System

As a retired field investigator for the Federal government, I relied on the old axiom “Two plus two equals four.” That axiom typically worked well then when making determinations concerning whether certain actions were legal or not and it has worked as well here in Sun City Anthem in addressing certain questionable board decisions, even when it comes down to recognizing the existence of possible fraud in making a potential association liability disappear or the elements of a conspiracy.

When the application of reason and common sense points to a board member as a wrongdoer, it’s understandable that the spouse of that board member may have difficulty in coping with that conclusion. However, using one’s community blog to denigrate, deny or question such conclusions or their authors without a shred of contrary or believable evidence is another matter.

Deliberate actions intended to mislead the Massachusetts judiciary and his then client did not work well for David 21 years ago and that practice will not work for David in Sun City Anthem today, as described immediatley below.

7 June 2012

On 7 June David Berman wrote a commentary for his blog that was in response to Ron Johnson's article, The Meeting.

Johnson's article sought to explain the significance of that meeting attended by select board members with the Henderson Police Department in light of subsequent events.

David's commentary, which sought to discredit Johnson's conclusions, was riddled with misleading statements and numerous errors. You can read David's entire commentary and Johnson's response by Clicking on this Link: Response


Can it Happen Here?

Sadly, an examination of available evidence strongly supports the conclusion that it did happen in Sun City Anthem, although on a different scale and with a different purpose in mind. In both cases, however, it was all about money. In Sun City's case it was about the efforts of the 2007-08 board to negate a key term of a negotiated settlement agreement involving hundreds of thousands of dollars to hundreds of homeowners they did not wish to honor. The Sun City Anthem HOA Scandal




When is a meeting of the board not a meeting of the board? The answer to this seemingly innocuous question will unravel a web of deceit, vengeance, betrayal and wrongdoing by our elected leaders that is unparalleled in the 12-year history of Sun City Anthem. Sadly, the meeting’s outcome aptly illustrates the height of political corruption engaged in by our then esteemed board members. To learn more Click on this Link: The Meeting. 22 May 2012


For information on how to be the the first to receive official Sun City Anthem e-mail blasts of current and upcoming events, including board president announcements and decisions plus administration messages affecting our amenities, Click here: Email Blasts




For those who were waiting for the outcome of the trial of Bob Frank and Tim Stebbins on filing a false report about the actions of Roz Berman and Roger Cooper, the short answer is there never was a case that could be successfully brought against Frank and Stebbins. When that outcome was finally realized, the case was dismissed and Bob and Tim were exonerated. The longer answer appears in my article, "The Untold Story of the Resolution of the Frank-Stebbins Criminal Complaint against Rosalyn Berman and Roger Cooper."

The Untold Story 3 April


 REVISED 2012 Candidates for the Sun City Board

Jean Capillupo
Jeffrey Chang
Forrest Fetherolf
Daniel Forgeron (incumbent)
Robert Frank (former Board member)
Jerome Gardberg (incumbent)
Donald Schramski

Down from the original 11 candidates, we now have 7 candidates remaining, as shown above. Those who have dropped their candidacy include Jerry Sakura, Robert Sansing, Ann Small and Carl Weinstein. Celeste Bove is not running for reelection and there are three vacant board seats to fill.

Updated Results. Ron Johnson provides a detailed and Updated analysis demonstrating that association claims that Villa Neighborhood transition reserves had been overfunded were false since that claim relied on erroneous assumptions and outright fabricated data. While using procedures similar to those utilized by reserve specialists, Johnson concluded that had the board kept their hands clean and not tinkered with the work product of reserve specialist DFS in conducting the 2005 "look-back" Reserve Study, the results of that reserve study would have established a substantial shortfall in transition reserves, amounting to $236,000, even after taking into account the results of the Favil West negotiated settlement agreement.

Such a shortfall, Johnson claims, would have obligated the association to recognize an additional indebtedness to each Villa unit owner equal to a little over $1,400. The irony of that result did not deter the board from collecting an additional $500 assessment in CY 2007 from each Villa homeowner to meet what was then claimed to be a projected shortfall in Neighborhood funding. It was that same 2007-08 board that took certain steps in 2007 to fabricate the Villa reserve database that led to the board's false claim that Villa reserves had been overfunded.

To view Johnson's analysis, Click here. 3 April

Evidence of Wrongdoing by Sun City Anthem Board Members and their Agents.

Did the recent disclosure of certain evidence confirm the existence of a cover-up between the association and an out-of-state company?

The Cover-Up 19 January



Which Restaurant Business Model is Right for Sun City? Here Dick Arendt offers his opinion on each of the 6 business models under consideration, plus his Summary and repercussions. Are any of them more acceptable than the others?

Six Business Models, & Summary 8 December




What happened to the $1,000,000 shortfall in Villa reserves? Missing documentation raises awkward questions.

Is HOA corruption possible in Sun City Anthem?

HOA Corruption 18 Sept





Villa owners to decide whether to accept cash rebate of excess operating funds or xeriscape.

Were Villa owners mislead?


Setting the Record Straight 1 Sept




   President's Report, August 2011





     President's Report, dated 08/25/2011



Case against Sun City Anthem board dismissed without giving any decision on the merits--Was the prosecutor Nevada's Office of the Attorney General incompetent?

Case dismissed by Hubble Smith, LVRJ





Did Your KITEC Replumb Decision Miss the Mark?

REVISED, plus an addendum. Who is to blame for so many bad replumbing decisions?

Missing the mark. 10 July




The June BOD Meeting

Interesting and troubling developments, depending on who you are.


The June 30th BOD Meeting 7 July



On David Berman and the U.S. Tax Court. Are the prospects for litigation getting closer? Will Sun City Anthem homeowners be ignored?

More Idiocy on Parade 25 June





Is the New Prospective Owner of Our Restaurant Fred Slark in Need of a Financial Gravy Train?

Is Mr. Slark coming to our timely rescue or are we going to Mr. Slark's timely rescue?



Is Fred Slark in Need of a Gravy Train? 12 June







The May 2011 BOD Meeting, Part 2. Billiards, the IRS response, and the Villa owners cash windfall.



The May 26th BOD Meeting, Part 2 5 June



The May 2011 BOD Meeting, Part 1. Do we know or understand what really happened on the restaurant and gaming issues that were voted on? Rana Goodman has raised a number of unanswered questions about the proposed new majority stockholder replacing Audra Tubin, Fred Slark.

The May 26th BOD Meeting 29 May




Construction Defects: A Status Report What Sun City Anthem homeowners need to know.


Construction Defects 10 May 2011





Four New Board Members

James Long   1780-New President
Michael Carey 1613

Bella Meese   1583
Wade Terry 1395


Michael Waterhouse 1300 Robert Frank 854 Carl Weinstein 788




SCA Board Recommendations.

  Editorial statement  
  Bob Frank  
  Bella Meese  
  Mike Waterhouse  
  Carl Weinstein  




Here is a great example of the pot calling the kettle black in "Memo to Self" by "David Berman," an SCA View editorial.

"Memo to Self" 4 Apr




Board Vice President Roz Berman and six other former board members were recently INDICTED by the Nevada Attorney General for 2008 violations of NRS 116.

Indicted 2 April 2011





The prospects of a successful appeal of the IRS tax audit results.

On appealing the tax audit results 2 April





Did David Berman Spill the Beans in his commentary about the board's reason for their decision to keep their 24 March response to the IRS hidden from the view of members? In doing so, David appers to have opened up for discussion the questionable veracity of the association's response? Was that David's intention or was that an unintended consequence of his commentary?


An unusual admission 25 Mar






On the Kitec plumbing Class Counsel's 2011 letter offering certain WIRSBO homeowners a free plumbing system inspection.

Free Plumbing Inspection 17 Mar



On the Possible Origin of the Association's tax problems.

Origin to Tax Problems 13 Mar





The IRS Tax Audit Results, Allegations of Forgery, and Filing a False Report. What's the Connection?

Will the association be able to overthrow the IRS’ application of 70-604 or is the association blowing smoke to gain a more favorable settlement?

The IRS Tax Audit, etc. 6 Mar





 2011 Candidates for the Sun City Board

Michael L. Carey
Robert E. Frank
James J. Long
Bella L. Meese
Wade E. Terry
Michael Dalton Waterhouse
Carl Weinstein

Board members Jack Troia, Rosalyn Berman, Ann Small and John Waterhouse are not running for reelection. The 7 candidates are running for 4 open seats.


The Corrected IRS Tax Audit Results: Eating Crow. Two unreasonable errors qualify for a heaping dish of crow.


The Corrected Tax Audit Results 22 Feb





The IRS Tax Audit Results. Why is President Jack Troia withholding information from the community?


Five Million Dollars and Counting! 15 Feb





Possible Election Fraud.

Was the board's decision to withhold the results of the IRS audit an example of election fraud? That conclusion appears inevitable.


Possible Election Fraud 1/31






The January BOD Meeting

The shouting match over the Community Patrol and other matters.


The Jan. 27th BOD Meeting 28 Jan



Homeowners searching for that unobstructed golf course view.


Take out those palm trees. 26 Jan




Villa homeowners are looking to save their front yard sewer lines from possible root damage by proposing to take out those beautiful pine trees.

Were Villa Homeowners Actually Shooting Blanks?



Did Villa homeowners identify the right culprit? 26 Jan






The Community Patrol's Confidentiality Agreement.

When is a Confidentiality Agreement not an agreement about keeping certain matters confidential?

Does paragraph 7 belong in the Agreement?


The Confidentiality Agreement 26 Jan






The January BOD Meeting Agenda.


The Jan. BOD Meeting Agenda












The Falsified Records Cover-up. 7 Jan






DECEIT, a disappointing legacy for Sun City Anthem: An SCA View Editorial

Deceit 7 Jan






Bow-wow 7 Jan






THE UPDATED WEBSITE! Sadly, the rush to judgment on inaugurating the updated website did not allow enough time to bring homeowners what they deserved.

Yes, there is color and glitz along with some badly needed improvements, but much is missing.

Many users will be favorably impressed while others will be disappointed. For what's wrong and missing, click on the below link.

The updated website 2 Jan







THE RANA GOODMAN LETTER. While David Berman says one thing to his

readers about his Rana Goodman letter to City officials, shown at left, David says just the opposite in that letter. This is how I read David's introductory statement he published along with his letter: As any reasonable person will see, my letter to the City is an attack on Rana Goodman's character; while supposedly factually accurate, it's not; although I say that I do not seek Ms. Goodman’s removal from her position on a City advisory commission, that's the only reason for my writing to the City—to cause Rana Goodman harm in her capacity as a member of the Senior Citizens Advisory Commission; and my solicitation of names to sign in agreement of what I wrote definitely looks like a petition.

The Rana Goodman Letter




Despite negative polling results, video poker at The Anthem View Restaurant appears to be an alive and thriving prospect.


Some Q & A on the prospects for gaming.







A purported early draft of David Berman's letter to the City of Henderson on Rana Goodman's suitability to be a member on the Senior Citizens Advisory Commission.

Purported early draft 5 Dec



How to avoid costly sprinkler system repairs in freezing weather conditions.

Will your PVB valve make it through the winter months now and in the future?

What's a PVB valve and will it freeze?





THE FAILURE OF LIBERTY CENTER. Were we mislead about the benefits of LEED certification and the downside to our comfortable lifestyle?

Will Liberty Center's LEED design turn out to be a million dollar boondoggle?


The Failure of Liberty Center. 14 Nov





Dining at the Anthem View Restaurant



A timely message from Audra Tubin 29 Oct





The Anthem View Restaurant's Opinion Poll on Gaming.



"VOTE YES" on the Gaming Poll 30 Oct





Projected assessments to increase $140 by 2012.

The Finance Committee recommends more money is needed to finance Liberty Center, a pittance of an increase, $40, in 2011 and a $100 increase in 2012.

Funding Liberty Center 30 Oct





New and improved flat roof repairs on Phase 1 homes now available from Pulte through Cooper Roofing. Pictures illustrate the differences between Willis Roofing and Cooper Roofing.


Roof Repair II. 20 Sept





The Authority of the Board and the IRS Audit III--What Budgetary Powers Does the Board Really Have? Homeowners might be surprised to learn that the authority of the board to assess homeowners are limited to meeting the community's "common expenses." Did the board go beyond that?

The Authority of the Board and IRS Audit III 19 Sept


The Excess Income Piggybank




Board finds Norman McCullough guilty of assaulting Caren Carrero on trumped up charges. Privileges suspended and fees assessed. The Board's view of justice takes a disappointing and a likely illegal turn.

Justice Denied 9 Sept




The Norman McCullough Hearing

Fair and Impartial or Politics 30 Aug





The IRS Tax Audit II

Will the audit of the association wind up with the board free and cleared of any wrongdoing and, or with millions owed in back taxes? In this article you can glean a hint of the numbers involved and where this audit might be headed.

The IRS Tax Audit II 11 August





President Troia announced that the IRS will be auditing the association's 2007 tax return. As with any audit, the IRS will be seeking answers to how the association arrived at the decisions reflected in the return's tax liabiliity determinations.

The IRS Tax Audit 24 July




The Board's proposal to delete SECURITY from the name of the Security Patrol. Fearing imagined lawsuits, the board is moving to change the name of the Security Patrol.

What's in a Name? 24 July





Audra TubinAudra Tubin commits mortgage loan fraud by identifying herself as an "UNMARRIED" woman in the purchase of property in 2010.

How will that act affect the future of TNF Holdings operating as the Anthem View Restaurant?

Who are the Tubins, Part 3? 21 July





The Hatchet Job! As the Tubins' defender, David Berman writes that my earlier article on the Tubins (see below) was nothing more than a defamatory hatchet job. While that possibility might appease the view of some homeowners, we have yet to learn the complete Tubin story, or what brought the Tubins here, let alone the full impact of their presence here in Sun City.


Who are the Tubins? 14 July





Noted scumbag and blogger David Berman claims he's the victim, while suing Norman McCullough for reminding homeowners about David's past as an uncontested forger of a Judge's signature, among other things. Norman, a renowned advocate for Villa Neighborhood justice, is one of Sun City's most loving, pleasant, giving and wholesome persons who you would want to know. Read David's Complaint.

Complaint 14 July





Audra TubinDid Audra Tubin come to Sun City with clean hands?

What did the board know and when did they know it?

The complete story has yet to be told.


The unfolding Tubin story 24 June









Jerry Gardberg  1,762
Kay Frank  505
Lyndall Ruiz  973
Dan Forgeron  1,564
Celeste Bove  1,526

Carl Weinstein  1,220

The three new Board members with the highest vote tally are listed in bold type. Sadly, Carl Weinstein fell short of being reelected by just over 300 votes. His absence on the board will be a keen reminder to those directors who may wish to express an independent view or who fail to conform. Carl will be deeply missed.


Gaming MachineIS GAMING COMING TO SUN CITY? Pursuant to an agreement with the new restaurant owner-operator, the board is expected to distribute a poll on the adoption of gaming with the upcoming Spirit magazine. It's unknown how the poll will be structured, who will be permitted to present arguments on the issue, and whether the polling results will have any impact on the outcome of gaming.

A Q&A on the Gaming Issue 24 May



Senator Reid proposes to block Sloan canyon mining plan  Senator Harry Reid proposes to block the BLM Sloan canyon mining plan. With broad opposition to BLM's plan, Reid is hopefull that he is not too late to express his opposition, given his depressed favorable rating and the election only six months off.

Reid proposal to block mining plan 24 May



Cox Communications ALERT. COX Internet Phishing Scheme. Here is a warning from Cox Communications concerning past and ongoing fradulent efforts to obtain your email ID and password.

Warning 24 May




Audra TubinTIRZO'S BISTRO. Meet Audra Tubin, who has replaced Tirzo Hernandez as president and majority stockholder of TNF Holdings, the legal name of Tirzo's Bistro. Here with permission is a recent video interview conducted by David Berman following the board's 13 May action to approve a temporary change (until 2012) in the lease provisions that authorized a reduction in the required rent effective 1 May, among other changes.

Video Interview



Election Recommendations:

Lyndall Ruiz, Dan Forgeron and Carl Weinstein

Election Recommendations 1 May



Audio Clip of Unity Taking Control of the Emergency Board Meeting. A vote for Unity is a vote for heightened control and outright intimidation. Can it be much different on the board? Listen to a short audio clip of how Jack Troia controls a meeting.

Unity in action 1 May



The 2010 Board Election Cover-up Continues. Were there just too many important homeowners with their fingers in the election pie failure to justify telling the truth? Was the election of the Unity team an issue in the board's decision to lock down the evidence trail?

The Cover-up Continues 27 April


Pictured at left is Homer Simpson declaring that "I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything."





The 2010 Board of Directors Election Ballot Fiasco: Waiting for the Official Version


Waiting for the Official Version 20 Apr

Questions & Answers





Tirzo's Bistro: The End Game, Part 2. With a vote to evict Tirzo's Bistro, the board is assuming that their action will result in a productive and successful outcome for both parties.


The End Game,Part 2 9 Apr


Spacer Image Patriotic -- Get Out and Vote!

BLM may allow mining operations near Anthem. How near? 3.5 miles, according to BLM, just west of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area and east of Interstate 15. View BLM's presentation and related documents.

Senator Reid requests extended comment period.

  BLM Proposal     How You Can Help




Tirzo's Bistro. Here are the final polling results on planned homeowner usage of the restaurant.


Final Polling Results 4 Apr

   SCA tree cutter Douglas Hoffman was just arrested in Arizona for threatening Governor Gibbons in 2007.


Douglas Hoffman Arrested      1 April

LIBERTY CENTER. Here is an informative sheet about Liberty Center along with a MAP that should help those who are uncertain where Liberty Center is located.


Liberty Center Inormation Sheet & Map

Tirzo's Bistro: The End Game, Part 1. With fingers crossed and expecatations high, the board comes forward with a proposal rather than an agreement at the March board meeting.


The End Game. 28 Mar

What has the board decided to do in response to Tirzo's Bistro failure to pay? Some will be pleased and others disappointed. Click below.

The Board Supports Tirzo. 18 Mar




You're Under Arrest. An SCA View editorial on the arrest of Bob Frank and Tim Stebbins by the Henderson Police Department. Are we living in the South in 1950s or earlier when political corruption was rampant? It's hard to tell the difference sixty plus years later in Henderson, NV.

You're Under Arrest 18 Mar







LIBERTY CENTER IS NOW OPEN FOR MEMBER USE. If FITNESS is your thing, then check out the range of equipment that is available, with a multi-channel TV installed on each cycle, treadmill and elliptical machine for your personal enjoyment while you exercise.

More Photos 6 Mar



Berman's Mouth Runneth Over

Berman's Mouth Runneth Over 25 Feb


Some suggest that Tirzo's should be an amenity, with no appreciable income to the association. That approach, sadly, would validate Berman's selection of a cook over a financially viable restaurant operator to run Trumpets. Is that really where we want to go?

Make Tirzo's an amenity. 25 Feb



Bob Frank and Tim Stebbins were arrested and processed like hardened criminals following HPD's "unfounded" finding by Police Chief Jutta Chambers of alleged wrongdoing by Roz Berman and Roger Cooper. Bob and Tim's crime was apparently to report suspected wrongdoing by two board members. This was an action we learned that would not be tolerated by the Henderson Police Department against HOA board members, whether or not the proper disposition of millions of dollars in excess funds was ultimately at issue. Also see Breaking News below, dated 28 January. To read their response and an account of their humiliating experience, Click here. 14 Feb


The filing of a false report is a serious crime being alleged by the Henderson Police Department against Bob Frank and Tim Stebbins. Whether Bob and Tim actually filed a false report in alleging possible wrongdoing by Rosalyn Berman and Roger Cooper is an interesting matter worthy of investigating. Rather than the accuracy of their report being at issue, is it more reasonable to conclude that the City was attempting to send a different message?

Did Bob and Tim File a False Report? 20 Feb



An issue is MOOT if the matter has been settled or irrelevant. On the other hand, a moot question is one that is arguable or open to debate. Some believe that the issue of the board's response to the adequacy of Villa reserves is moot, akin to ancient history. I disagree in the article "It's Moot, Dummy," where I argue the issue is alive and well as we observe the maneuvers of the board to avoid their responsibility on Villa reserves in the upcoming 2010 Reserve Study.

It's Moot, Dummy 14 Feb



President Jack Troia addressed concerns about Tirzo Bistro's financial condition by stating that they were not in arrears through December but had missed their January rent, making the operator in default of their lease. There is some dispute whether Tirzo's was also in arrears through December and how the board may have reconciled that alleged disclosure. Now, however, Tirzo is proposing to defer future payments until customer support eventually picks up. Apparently, that proposal is something the board is planning to consider. This might illustrate the inherent risk in signing a lease with someone who was not financially viable to begin with and had no experience as a restaurant owner-operator. While this is not something the board bargained for, do we know how many months or years the board will want to go without receiving any income?


Jack Troia got it wrong at the board meeting when he said that the association was not included in the suit filed by investment companies for overcharging fees to buyers of distressed homes. Red Rock Financial Services, our collection arm, was also included in a separate filing.

Las Vegas Sun Article, dated 28 Jan





The Henderson Police Department found SCA board members Rosalyn Berman and Roger Cooper not guilty of criminal activity (forgery) in connection with their alleged false declarations of compliance with IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604, as announced at today's board meeting. Read HPD's Letter. In my follow up with the Henderson Police Department's presumed decision-maker following that announcement, I learned that the quite unusual legal theory adopted by the HPD was that the forgery allegation affecting 2007 carryover funds that were legally due homeowners in 2008 doesn't exist as long as the association was able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of HPD's investigative sergeant that 2009 budget decisions in some manner made those homeowners whole on monies owned under the IRS ruling.

If SCA President Jack Troia had anything to do with that decision, he deserves a gold star, or at least consideration for an award as Magician of the Year. In light of the HPD's unique application of the forgery statutes in this instance, we might look for the HPD to announce an arrest holiday or a get-out-of-jail pass to persons charged with a crime that agree to make restitution. 28 Jan

It would be interesting to learn at what level in City government that decision of not guilty was reached, especially in light of the mayor and city dignitaries scheduled to be present in Sun City to celebrate the opening of Liberty Center. With on ongoing police investigation of board members on forgery allegations, even the comic book character Robin might be heard to proclaim, "Holy City embarrassment Bat-Chief, we need to cut these folks loose and lay low."


Construction defect attorney Roger Grant of Feinberg Grant Mayfield Kaneda & Litt announced today that mediation efforts with Pulte have failed, causing them to file legal action against Pulte for about 13 million dollars. The firm will be notifying homeowners as well as advising them that potential sellers must make appropriate disclosures that are required by law. 28 Jan


The completion of LIBERTY CENTER. The rush to completion did not deter Pulte and the Mayor's from reaching a prior agreement for a Grand Opening ceremony later this month. The building was officially turned over to the association this past Monday. On Friday 26 February, City Mayor Andy Hafen and other dignitaries will be present to welcome completion of the green certified Liberty Center. Open house for homeowners will follow on the morning of the 27th (Saturday) and that afternoon the center will be open for member use.


How Much Does Tirzo Bistro Owe Sun City Anthem?

An investigative report by Nelson Orth.

Nelson asks whether the board is on the same slippery slope as we were with S&D Cafe.

Investigative Report 28 Jan



Part 1 and Part 2: In exercising their authority, did the board abuse their power and rush to judgment by prematurely removing a healthy tree and then sticking the unsuspecting homeowner who had the tree pruned with a bill for $6,800?

You decide.

An abuse of power, Part 1 24 Jan

An abuse of power, Part 2 27 Jan




Click below for the latest information on the status of suspected criminal activity currently under investigation.

Investigation Update 20 Jan



 2010 Candidates for the Sun City Board

Celeste Bove’
Dan Forgeron (incumbent)
Kay Frank
Jerome Gardberg
Kathleen Hicks Withdrew
Lyndall Ruiz
Carl Weinstein (incumbent)

Board member Roger Cooper is not running for reelection. The 7 candidates are running for 3 open seats.


Liberty Center pictures, 3 weeks prior to completion.

Liberty Recreation Center



PLUMBING SYSTEM BREAK: How a homeowner can take precautions to mitigate the possibility of water damage from a break in the plumbing system when the homeowner is away or on vacation.


Plumbing System Precautions Newly updated 6 Jan


Sherlock Holmes successfully tackles the Villa mystery and concludes that our official financial records have been doctored.

Holmes Unlocks the Thread of Deceit 30 Dec




We have learned that a report of suspected criminal activity has been filed with authorities alleging that certain SCA board members may have executed a false board resolution document in 2008 concerning the board’s failure to return excess funds carried over from the prior year to homeowners as required by IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604. If the allegation is true, this may raise the question of whether such an act is a violation of the Nevada criminal code and what further action may result. In my editorial capacity, I spoke this past week with and was advised by a representative of this authority that this matter is currently under review for the purpose of making those determinations. When I learn more, I will keep you informed. 2 Jan.

Click here for information about this IRS ruling.



SCA home a total loss inside after flooding from a break in their overhead water line while homeowner was out of town.

When a KITEC replumb job failed. 1 Jan

Homeowner Precautions Newly updated 6 Jan



How a homeowner can take reasonable precautions to mitigate the possibility of water damage from a break in the plumbing system when the homeowner is away or on vacation.


Homeowner Precautions Newly updated 6 Jan





Many SCA homes have an air vent above their range hood like the one shown here. If you have such an air vent, you should know: 1) there is no back-draft damper installed that would prevent warm air from escaping or cold air from entering the home; 2) a homeowner should be able to purchase a damper from the hood's manufacturer; and 3) the installation of a damper can be done by a handyman or an adept do-it-yourself homeowner. If you would like more info., email me at:



Fire destroys Sun City home. Although the front of the home appears intact, the fire resulted in a total loss, as described in the attached HFD news release. The fire likely started earlier that day in the wall immediately behind the oven when the owner had extinguished a fire in the oven, apparently unaware that the fire had migrated to the wall behind the oven.

Henderson Fire Dept. News Release



Are important Board decisions made behind closed doors?To learn more, attend the Board's Workshop on RMI's Contract Renewal, Tuesday, Dec. 8th at 9:00 a.m. in the Anthem Center.

Attend and express your thoughts about competitive bidding the contract, as required by law, or if you have any comments of interest for the Board's consideration or to express any concerns about RMI's performance.

For David Berman's perspective, Click here.



Recent Legislation of Interest to Nevada's Elders and Persons with Disabilities, 2009 Report

Report of Interest to Elders & Persons with Disabilities




Did the Board gamble with our money in deciding 2010 assessment levels? One might get that impression from a reading of a case won by the IRS against a homeowner's association on the issue of their compliance with Revenue Ruling 70-604,which happens to be an issue here at Sun City Anthem.

District Court Case For background on RR 70-604, Click here.



We know what it means to lose weight, or to lose some object we can not find. But how did the Board lose 150,000 s.f. of Villa buildings needing a paint job? If any Board member has the slighest clue to this onging mystery, please enlighten us.

Board lost 150,000 s.f.




    Security Alert. Assistant Chief Joe Mihalich reported last month that there were several nighttime vehicle break-ins. Only vehicles that had valuables visible in them were targeted. Windows were broken and the property was taken. This indicated that someone was walking the streets and looking into cars. It also suggests that it was a team with someone driving or parked in a car in the general area. The latter is one of the reasons why the Security Patrol places parking reminders on vehicles in the overnight periods.

This is a reminder to all.





To Join the neighborhood watch program you can contact the Security Patrol office at 614-6751 and indicate your interest.


Your 2010 Assessment Coupons.

According to Community Manager Caren Carrero, you should be receiving your payment books this week with the coupons to be used for sending in Sun City Anthem quarterly assessment payments.

If you prepaid your 2009 assessment, or sent in your fourth quarter assessment, you do not need to make a payment for the first quarter. 
However, the payment books are printed in mass, and the included cover letter does not specifically address the situation of the 1st-quarter 2010 credit for those who had prepaid for 2009 as that does not apply to the majority of the homeowners.

If you believe you have a credit from the fourth quarter 2009, please call to the Member ship Office (614-5816 or 614-5817) and have them check your account.

If you have arranged to have your assessment direct-debited from your credit card or bank account, you will be credited automatically for your 1st quarter and will not be charged for the quarter.

If you pre-paid for 2009 and have made an arrangement directly with your bank to be debited for a dues payment, then you must contact your bank on your own to instruct the bank to not debit you for the 1st-quarter 2010 payment. 

If you have a credit for the first quarter and have signed up through the RMI website to pay by credit card, you will need to make arrangements through PayLease to skip a payment.

Also, please note the new payment address on the 2010 coupons.  If you have the payments sent directly from your bank, please be sure to update the address with your banking institution.


At the November board meeting, Attorney Roger Grant said that mediation sessions have been scheduled for Dec. 10 & 11 at which time Pulte will indicate if they will agree to make the the needed repairs alleged by Sun City. If they agree, in part or to all alleged needed repairs, it's not anticipated that repairs will actually be made but that a monetary settlement will be negotiated.



The August board makes decision not to return all $4.755 million in excess surplus income to homeowners.

Your check is not in the mail 24 Aug.






Our Dining Experience at Tirzo's Bistro.

Dining expereince. 18 Sept





   President's Report, August 2009, including Liberty Center construction status; S & D Cafe V law suit status; Anthem Council update; Anthem loop status; commendation by City for SCA Security Patrol efforts.


 President's Report, dated 8/27/2009



Roz Berman Resigns as board president.

Roz Berman's statement on her resignation.


Find out what really happened? 13 Sept.




Newly elected president, Jack Troia. Upon Troia's election as president, Roz Berman was elected as vice president,replacing the vacancy created by Troia's elevation to the presidency.





Settlement reached in S & D Cafe V lawsuit against Sun City Anthem. S & D to receive a payment of $250,000, to be paid by the Developer and insurance carriers. The settlement terms made no mention of who will pay the past and costly legal expenses that were incurred in defending legal action.

S&D settlement terms 9/2/09



For information about the status of an ongoing legal action against Del Webb Communities involving construction defects in Sun City Anthem brought by the law firm of Angius & Terry please Click here.



Pulte's response to common element construction defect claims is available at under Documents: Construction Defect Information. A hard copy may be obtained at the Admin. office.



    Trumpets Lease Process in Disarray, plus Hidden Agenda, a One Act Play. The Board seeks cover from future criticism over the gaming issue. 

     Trumpets    19 Aug.




The Art of the Con: Part 4: An unexplained million dollar reality gap.



The Art of the Con, Part 4 25 July


   President's Report, July 2009, including Liberty Center construction status; S & D Cafe V law suit & trial preparations update; Trumpets lease provisions and Anthem roadway updates.



 President's Report, dated 7/23/2009


Association attorney Edward Song comes to the aid of the July board to explain the Trumpets so called "deal breaking" lease provisions required by the lessee that would permit gaming machines.

Having witnessed Mr. Song in action before, his efforts to explain and clarify matters are unfortunately confusing at times, counterproductive and not always successful.

Click here to read from our OP-ED blog one homeowners insightful and hardhitting views on this ongoing dispute.





Tirzo's Bistro at Trumpets: The Menu

Here is the planned Trumpets menu offering, except for dessert items.

Shown are the regular prices for non-Sun City guests. Association members receive a 10% discount off the prices shown.

Tirzo's Bistro Menu at Trumpets




TOWN HALL CHAT, Thur., 30 July, 6:30 - 8:30

Where: Penn Room, Independence Center

Topics will include Trumpets, Liberty Center, ARC and Covenants and other topics if time permits.

Coffee and dessert will be served.





The Art of the Con, Part 3.

Roz Berman lied about reserves, then lied again, and again and again in her efforts to deceive hundreds of homeowners who happen to live in one of our separately budgeted Neighborhoods. Why she and others did so is no longer a mystery.


Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire 10 July




The June Board Meeting and Approving $212,700 to Provide a Solar System for the Anthem Center Indoor and Outdoor Pool. Really?, No, Really! Really?

The June Board Meeting 27 June




   President Roz Berman's Report, June 2009. Including what appears to be a GOTCHA warning to all residents who communicate with the board, covered in the report of the board's 11 June Executive meeting.


     President's Report, dated 6/25/2009


The recently concluded biennial session of the Nevada Legislature passed 18 bills affecting HOAs. Here is a summary of those bills prepared by CAI (Community Association Institute).

Summary of Bills Enacted




The Art of the Con: Part 2, Beware of that "free lunch" seminar on Villa reserves


The Art of the Con, Part 2 15 June



Town Hall Chat, 18 June, 6:30 - 8:30

Where: Penn Room, Independence Center

Proposed topics: Fitness and Recreational Activities; Communications with Residents; Website; Volunteers and Recruiting; and Public Relations.


    Security Alert. Management has been notified that a resident or residents posing as Architectural Review Committee members (ARC) have been approaching other residents and threatening fines for such things as brown spots on the lawn, insufficient tree pruning, or improper maintenance of plants. 
This individual is NOT an ARC member and has no authority to impose fines. If a staff member or ARC member is inspecting a property, that person will have the proper idenfitication and will provide it to you. 3 June



The Trumpets Lease: some anticipated implications of leasing


On the implications of leasing 31 May


Lease Highlights by David Berman 31 May




   President's Report, May 2009, including a brief history of Trumpets negotiations culminating in the board's lease approval with Chef Tirzo Hernandez on 28 May


     President's Report, dated 5/28/2009



The Secret Meeting

A one act play brought to you by the Sun City Board Players.

After being recently informed by the State that secret meetings are prohibited, how does the board respond to this instruction? They decide to hold a secret meeting to make sure they have the votes to replace Carl Weinstein with Jack Troia, among other matters.

The Secret Meeting 9 May





Roz Berman- President
Jack Troia- Vice President
Shirley Cheri- Treasurer
Roger Cooper- Secretary


The Art of the Con: Prologue and Rewards

How the Board robbed Peter to pay Paul.


The Art of the Con, Part I 6 May




The Sun City Anthem BOD Vote Tally. The Unity slate takes all four seats. The winners are noted by an "*". The top four vote getters are those who were elected to the Board, listed below in their order on the ballot

*Rosalyn Berman 1,796
Barnett Sturm 922
*Jack Troia  2,022
Robert Frank 785
*Ann Small 2,276
*John Waterhouse 1,620
Ronald Morse 940

Senator Harry Reid comes out against gravel quarry.


Story from the 28 April, LV Review Journal



   President's Report, April 2009


     President's Report, dated 4/23/2009




"RUBBISH" The Board as THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD. Apparently there is no obstacle too great to get in the way of the Chef Tirzo Hernandez' train headed for Trumpets.


Rubbish 25 April





Security Bulletin

  (Issued by Sun City Anthem Security Patrol-4/22/2009) 

Light complexion Hispanic male posing as a real estate agent, has been approaching houses “ for sale” and requesting entrance under the pretense that he may preview house for potential clients. Sometimes uses the excuse that he is looking for a house for his parents from Texas.
After gaining entrance, he tries to separate himself from the resident to go through the house alone. He spends excessive time looking in closets. He often asks to use the bathroom and goes into the master bathroom and closes the door. He then rummages through the resident’s belongings in the drawers and closet looking for valuables to steal. After he leaves the house, the resident has discovered items missing.
Light complexion Hispanic, Approximately 5’10”, 160-170 Lbs
Uses the name “Raymond” or “Ramon Martinez”
Does not have a business card
He provides a bogus telephone no.
Well dressed and well spoken

If this person is encountered, immediately call Henderson Police (911) and then call Sun City Anthem Security Patrol 614-6751.


Questions and Answers on Pulte's Tile Offer to Repair flooring in Phase 1 homes.

Q & A on Pulte's Tile Offer 19 Apr Updated




Pulte to send out a WIRSBO repair protocol to the last 1,400 Sun City homeowners, setting forth a list of plumbing changes.

Repair Protocol 19 Apr



"Getting to Know You" A response to Al Glickman on his more recent OP-ED editorial on what's important for our Neighborhood homeowners and Sun City's governance.

Getting to Know You 16 April



BERMAN BOARD FAILS THE COMMUNITY AGAIN! Restaurant negotiations collapse for the second time in nine months. Sadly, election politics played a key role in the ongoing mirage that Chef Tirzo Hernandez was a viable candidate for Trumpets when the facts demonstrated otherwise. The unanswered question is when did Roz Berman learn there was a problem and when did she tell the homeowners.


Ron Johnson responding to Al Glickman's OP-ED piece on the State's ongoing investigation , the board, on responsibility, on doing the right thing, and Al Glickman facetiously written commentary "Giving Up."

Sorry Al. 12 April




Responding to blogger inquiries on OP-ED about the status of allegations of wrongdoing, Ron Johnson posted the following: "Steve McCarthy and Al Glickman are apparently anxious to learn more about the status of the Attorney General's office current review and the state's ongoing investigation of certain events pertaining to transactions involving the Villa Neighborhood reserves. Steve and Al, along with the rest of us, will just have to wait until those pending matters are resolved, we assume in some equitable manner." 9 Apr



NOW WORKING--Home Maintenance Seminars are NOW running on Ch 99 at 7 PM. Tell your friends & neighbors about the Ch 99 showing to alert them to this opportunity to get home maintenance information.



 For an INDEX and Links to all Kitec articles & updates, Click on the image at left.


Spacer Image Patriotic -- Get Out and Vote!

BLM to allow mining operations near Anthem. How near? 3.5 miles, according to BLM, just west of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area and east of Interstate 15. View BLM's presentation and related documents.

  BLM Proposal     How You Can Help




David Berman asks whether a leopard can change its spots? Apparently not! We answer the more difficult question of why votes for Berman and Troia are votes for deceit.

On Casting Your Vote 5 Apr



38 Cents: On David Berman's Campaign Poppycock

On 38 Cents; David Berman's Campaign Poppycock 31 March




   President's Report, March 2009


     President's Report, dated 3/26/2009




IT'S TIME TO VOTE FOR THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Consider carefully whether your candidates have served the best interests of the community. I found two who failed us miserably.

Two Very Disappointing Candidates 29 March


DOES YOUR PHASE 2 HOME SMELL AS GOOD AS A FLOWER? Let's assume so. According to a March 2009 article in USA Today, wallboard imported from China from 2004-07 has posed a serious problem for some homeowners. ONE PHASE 2 HOMEOWNER HAS ASKED IF OTHER PHASE 2 HOMES HAVE HAD HOLLOW OR BROKEN TILE ISSUES. IF SO, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Is your home in Phase 2? Click here


A Tile Offer That's Too Good to Pass Up. Check out Pulte's tile flooring offer for Phase 1 homes and decide whether their buyout option may be of interest to you.

Too Good to Pass 24 Mar



   President's Report, February 2009


     President's Report, dated 2/26/2009




The Board's majority is headed in the wrong direction on Trumpets. An UPDATE on recent events.

By any rational test, mounting evidence demonstrates that the board is heading down the the wrong track on selecting an operator for Trumpets.

After considering the evidence, you can decide for yourself.






PETA at Trumpets (photo of PETA advocate Pam Anderson)

  Did you receive your PETA invitation yet? No! If you did, you will delight in an early (4:00 p.m.) special food tasting experience with Chef Tirzo at Trumpets with selected non-board luminaries in attendance on Tuesday the 10th of February with PETA advocate Pam Anderson or Roz Berman. In our case, PETA is not Pam Anderson's PETA, which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Instead, PETA represents the board's call to selected homeowners to ask for their help in justifying their ill conceived decision-making process that resulted in the selection of Tirzo Hernandez as our next Trumpets operator. Bon appetit.

In this case, PETA stands for Please Endorse Tirzo at Anthem.


   On SLATE Politics in Sun City.

          On Slate Politics   9 Feb


    Sun City Volunteers Needed. Here is a listing of volunteer committee positions needed by the board.

                 Volunters Needed       9 Feb



CAM Executive Departure Announced

Community Association Manager Terry DaSilva will be leaving Sun City effective 17 February to assume her new CAM assignment for RMI at Anthem Country Club, where RMI will be in charge of association business.  Caren Carrero, our assistant manager, has been selected by RMI to replace Terry. Click here to see RMI's official Announcement.


    Sun City Community Crime Alerts. Residents are cautioned to be aware of suspicious and criminal activity occurring in our community.

       Security Patrol Alerts     3 Feb



 Candidates for the Board.   For Ballot, seating & Ch 99 presentation positions, see (  ) below.

Rosalyn Berman   (1)
Robert Frank (4)
Ronald Morse (7)
Ann Small (5)
Barnett Sturm (2)
Jack Troia  (3)
John Waterhouse (6)
Board members Mike Dixon & Barry Friedman are not running for reelection. The 7 candidates are running for 4 open seats.

 Beginning Monday, February 9, the Police Department will increase speed enforcement activities on the loop in areas where speed monitor trailers are currently located. A recent traffic survey found that 42% of motorists on the loop were traveling faster than the posted speed limit of 45 mph.



    On the Board's failed efforts to bring Sun City a restaurant operator for Trumpets. Who are we getting instead and why? What went wrong? Is it too late for the board to do the right thing? A lesson in avoiding accountability.  

     Trumpets: Avoiding Accountability    1 Feb..



  PREVENTING A FIASCO ON TRUMPETS. Why is the board rushing to judgment today on selecting a Trumpets operator?

      On Selecting a Trumpets Operator    22 Jan 2009


  THE ELECTION COMMITTEE. On setting a bad precedent.

      On Setting a Bad Precedent    22 Jan 2009



An Investigative Report and Editorial: Seeking Justice in Sun City Anthem

      Seeking Justice in Sun City Anthem    9  Jan 2009



   President's Report, November


     President's Report, dated 11/20/2008





Tile Flooring Update. Phase 1 homeowners are advised to review the condition of their tile flooring. Looking OK and the absence of cracked tiles or broken grout are not assurances that there is no underlying problem needing correction. Pulte is currently accepting requests for a tile inspection: call 914-4800. Pulte will repair tiles that demonstrate some movement, a condition which hollow sounding tiles will exhibit. You can check for this condition yourself by gently tapping on each tile with a

wooden, plastic or metal object (like the handle of an ordinary kitchen knife). If the number of tiles needing repair exceeds the number of replacement tiles in the garage, Pulte will re-tile the entire home, or give the homeowner a cash buyout. Homeowners are cautioned to check the condition of their flooring in advance of any Pulte inspection. There is good reason for that recommendation. I had 21 tiles in the garage that Pulte counted before starting the inspection and Pulte just happened to find only 18 tiles needing replacement. Only after Pulte had completed their inspection, I did my own inspection a few days later and found an additional 110 tiles needing repair. I recontacted Pulte and the second time around they confirmed my finding. Be forewarned. If in doing your own inspection you find tiles that exhibit a hollow sound, it would be worthwhile for you to mark the tiles in some manner with a piece of tape so that when Pulte comes out they will have the benefit of your information to go by.  10 Jan  



Re-roofing the Flat Patio Roof

      Slide Show of Re-Roofing Process   10 Jan 09

Panoramic view of completed new roof. Note: The three vertical lines reflect the effect of overlapping images in creating the panoramic picture.


   Premature failure of flat patio roofs in Phase 1 homes. This flat patio roof problem was being addressed by Pulte but that is no longer true. For more, Click below.

      Flat Patio Roof Problem     23 Nov.



    Board Director Bob Frank vindicated by State's action to drop case that had been initiated by then Board President Mike Dixon.

           Bob Frank Vindicated    23 Nov.



    On the Board's Search Efforts for a Trumpets Operator. On doing the wrong thing. 

     Trumpets Search Efforts    23 Nov.




Construction Defect Meetings. Meetings disclosed serious issues of potential concern for Sun City homeowners.                                                                  Construction Defects   9 Nov.


The President's Report              October 2008


Pulte settles with local class action firm on KITEC and will pay an additional $23.6 million to replace pipe & fittings for about 4,200 Las Vegas Valley homeowners living outside of Sun City Anthem. Las Vegas Sun, 9 November.

 Pulte's KITEC settlement  [Link now working]



Pulte's News Release on "their" efforts to Green RC3.


    More Sun City Community Alerts. Residents are cautioned to be aware of certain suspicious and potentially criminal events and practices occurring in our community.

       More Security Patrol Alerts     26 Oct


Board voted dues changes for 2009 at their Oct. 23rd meeting.
Association (all members): $960
High Mesa Villa Neighborhood: $1,300
High Mountain Villa Neighborhood (Mt. View) $1,400
Canyon Crest Villa Neighborhood: $1,400
Clubhouse Villa Neighborhood: $1,800
Pinnacle Village (gated): $460


On the Real Cost of GREENING Recreation Center 3.

            On the Real Cost of Greening RC3     19 October



    Sun City Anthem Community Crime Alerts. Residents are cautioned to be aware of certain suspicious and potentially criminal events and practices occurring in our community.

       Security Patrol Alerts     20 Oct



    On Trumpets and the September Board Meeting. Clarifying some matters and casting some blame where it belongs.

     Trumpets and the Board    3 Oct.



    Trumpets: On Securing a Qualified Restaurant Operator. The Board appears to be stuck in first gear with no roadmap on what direction to follow. Here are some thoughts aimed at getting the Board more focused and moving again.

          On Securing a Qualified Operator    24 Sept.



Sun City Homeowners Lose Defect Case. Almost 1,000 Sun City Summerlin homeowners were left out in the cold with no money award after the jury decides construction defect case for the most part in Pulte's favor. This case aptly illustrates the potential drawbacks of individual homeowners suing.

    The Summerlin Case     24 Sept.


      Planning Ahead for Death. While death and taxes are inevitable, have you considered what you would like done with your remains after you die? Here is one option you may not have considered: Making an anatomical donation of your body for science.     

         Two Anotomical Donation Programs    24 Sept.



I P E X  Settles Class Action for $90 million

Pending court approval this coming week, IPEX agrees to pay out $90 million to Las Vegas homeowners, article from the Las Vegas Sun, 6 Sept.

                                     IPEX Settles


     Trumpets and Luncheon Caterer Chef Neal.

         Some unsolicited observations on Chef Neal, Bob Frank and the Women's Club.

                         Trumpets & Chef Neal      6 Sept.



SALICE Hinges. SALICE, acknowledges that some of their door hinges installed in the 2002-03 period in Phase 1 homes were defective due to bad metal and a critical protruding part that keeps the door closed will eventually fail. Free replacement hinges for failed hinges that break are available from SALICE by calling 1-800-222-9652. Explain that the hinge was installed about 5 years ago. The model is Excenthree Face Frame Hinge, #CSP3799.


I P E X   U S A ,  L L C      

IPEX, the manufactrurer of KITEC plumbing fittings, has provided homeowners with an NRS Chapter 40 Notice to conduct an inspection of your home. As a KITEC homeowner, how should you respond?

                                    The IPEX KITEC Notice   3 Sept.


    The Trumpets Workshop. The Board tells us nothing about what lessons they have learned from the Boulevard debacle. They tell us little of their thinking or plans, yet we are led to bleieve that they may make a decision at the upcoming board meeting. Only one board member offers a comprehensive plan. Roz Berman continues to deceive us on the Briggs matter.

          The Trumpets Workshop    24 August


  The July Board Meeting. The Board lets some homeowners talk without interruption; others not so lucky. The President's Report. More plumbing problems. Trumpets issues. Will Mike Dixon be running Trumpets? Is Roz Berman withholding key information on Trumpets?

      The July Board Meeting   12 August  


BOARD FAILS THE COMMUNITY! Restaurant negotiations collapse. Tragically, we now have to say our final goodbye to the Boulevard Restaurant Group, who we understand actually wanted to be here to meet our Community's dining needs. That did not happen. The Board was successful in negotiating their way out of providing the Community with a credible and reliable restaurant operator that was clearly willing and able to meet our dining needs. So, just how did we manage to do that? It's sad to realize that in their negotiations with the Boulevard Group our Board was sending out unwelcome messages that eventually led to their decision to withdraw their interest.   12 July


   Boulevard Group explains decision to withdraw. Here is Boulevard's letter of 10 July to the Board. In a statement to The SCA View on 16 July by William G. Goff, Jr., President of the Boulevard Gaming Group, while clearly disappointed at the outcome of the negotiations, Goff said he believes their letter fairly and accurately reflects the views of the company. Mr. Goff added that they look forward to meeting our dining needs at a previously planned restaurant they will be constructing near the corner of Bicentennial and Sun City Anthem Drive.   Letter  16 July


   On the failure of the Trumpets negotiations.

               What went wrong?    17 July



  The June Board Meeting. The Board created an unacceptable spectacle and Carl Weinstein displayed outrageous behavior. Is Roz Berman really in need of a Press Secretary? Security Patrol Chief Dave Servello presents a disturbing crime report.

      The June Board Meeting   13 July  



    Block walls improperly constructed in Sun City.

The Board files a Chapter 40 construction defect claim against the Developer, leaving thousands of unprotected homeowners in the lurch to fend for themselves.

     Perimeter block wall defects     6 July



  On the Trumpets Fiasco: a preview.  

Ignoring common sense and losing sight of the mandate and the dining needs of the Community, the Board's negotiators will inevitably drive away Sun City's only potential restaurant operator. Was that by design or just plain ineptitude?

        The Trumpets Fiasco    6 July



    The Board & Unrelated News

          The Board & unrelated news, 15 June 2008


    The Board & Related Sun City News

          The Board & related news, 2 June 2008


     The City of Henderson preempts Sun City's interests by leasing light poles as cell phone towers--A Lesson Learned

     A Lesson Learned     2 June





   President's Update Report on Construction Defects. In an unprecedented statement from the Board regarding construction defect issues and impending statute of limitations concerns, President Mike Dixon provides some guidance for Sun City homeowners.

 President's Update   5 May



  SCA Election Results  1 May 2008



Driver crashes into Security Patrol annex bldg. According to RMI, "at approximately 12:00 PM Saturday night April 26, a dark blue or gray full sized pick-up truck went out of control and jumped the curb and struck the pillars supporting the overhang to the building, resulting in substantial enough damage to the building that it has been temporarily red tagged(cannot be occupied). The pick-up truck was also substantially damaged but managed to sneak off into the night. According to an eye witness to the accident, there were four cars that saw the accident and we are hoping that one or more of those witnesses can provide the Security Patrol with additional information such as, license plate number, definite color, description of driver or any other information that may lead us to the responsible party so that we may recover the cost of repairs to the building.
Please do anything that you can to help us find those four cars that witnessed this accident. Any information that we get will be confidential and not shared with any other party.
Please call Security Patrol at 614-6751 with any information."


Corruption in Sun City and the Business-Judgment Rule

Does the Business Judgment Rule protect the actions of Board members on decisions pertaining to Villa reserves?   NOT NECESSARILY

Corruption in Sun City: A Sad State of Affairs      19 April

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  On The Trumpets Working Group. It's not often we get a view from the inside. Here Co-Chair Kathleen Matson shares her email to Board members and Candidates on her concerns over the workings of the Trumpets Working Group.

The Trumpets Working Group    14 Apr



   Ron Johnson Responds to Mike Dixon's Numerous Misstatements.

 Part II. On Villa Reserves  (.pdf format)   4 Apr

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      The March Board Meeting: What homeowners were concerned about?

               The March BOD Meeting       4 Apr

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   How many campaign signs are homeowners allowed to exhibit on their property? The Board Decides: An example of good governance or more dirty tricks by Mike Dixon?

     Campaign signs      28 March

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   Mike Dixon Responds to Ron Johnson's Complaint, or Does He?

   Part I of II, On Villa Reserves   26 Mar

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    With three "top" contenders for Trumpets having made their presentation to Sun City homeowners, we should be happy, right? Tell us what you think.

    What's behind door No. 1?     21 Mar

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   Will the Board be able to avoid a scandal over their actions to "fix" Villa Reserves? In light of growing evidence, that may be difficult to achieve. Here we offer a While Paper on The 2005 "Look-Back" Sun City Anthem Reserve Study.

         A White Paper   20 Mar

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  On David Berman.   David Berman discusses his troubled history as an attorney at a meeting of the Current Events Club. Here I offer an alternate perspective on David's troubled past as it relates to his current practices.

  A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is, Well, Still a Wolf   20 Mar

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  Does the Association have unsettled tax issues? Only our Finance Committee will tell. For those who are more adept at tax matters, here is a tax primer on large scale associations to check out.  



    The Villa Reserve Mystery, Solved! Here is the last chapter in The Case of the Disappearing Villa Neighborhood Reserves.  With clues everywhere, there is but one inescapable conclusion to this mystery.

   Elementary, Watson  13 Feb



../VillaReserves.html    ABRACADABRA: The Board's agenda to scam Villa homeowners continues unabated.  Part III in a series on The Case of the Disappearing Villa Neighborhood Reserves.

    ABRACADABRA          2 Feb


 Candidates for the Board of Directors.   Ballot Order (  )

Bella L. Meese (6)
Rana Goodman (3)
John V. Briggs (1)
Carl Weinstein (4)
Roger Cooper (2)
Shirley Cheri (7) and Nelson Orth (5)


   Tree Cutter Douglas R. Hoffman Sentenced to 18 months in prison and restitution.

      Tree Cutter Sentensed     14 Jan



   UPDATE on the Case of Villa Neighborhood Reserves.

       UPDATE     17 Jan



   The Case of the Disappearing Villa Neighborhood Reserves, Part II.  

"We're on track [to wipe out the Villa Neighborhood reserves]" according to Jack Troia, in his report on the status of the "Look-back" 2005 Reserve Study, as announced at the meeting of the Finance Committee, January 11, 2008. Parts I & II of III.

       Parts II and I      20 Jan






   David Berman questions the suitability of John Briggs to be a member of the Board.

    Read David Berman's informative article, "Candidate Briggs: The Bull(Y) in the China Shop."

       Article     13 Jan





Stepping Out of the Closet: David Berman on Board Candidate John Briggs   3 Jan


   Mike Dixon's President's Update Reports. 1) On securing a new operator for Trumpets and progress on the Trumpets lawsuit; and 2) on City upgrades to the Traihead on Shadow Canyon.

            Update Reports       3 Jan. 4 Jan



 BLM to allow mining operations near Anthem. How near? 3.5 miles, according to BLM, just west of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area and east of Interstate 15. View BLM's presentation and related documents.

    Proposal        To Comment



  Your New Water Heater!

When you replace your rusting State Industries water heater, originally supplied by the Developer's plumbing contractor, you may wish to think twice before getting another State water heater, even if the cost of that replacement water heater is free.

Here we have reproduced an excellent review article and analysis of the pros and cons of various types of water heaters, including specific recommendations.

   On Water Heaters      1 Jan




On Getting Trumpets Wrong.   Uncharacteristically, Mike Dixon gets it all wrong on Trumpets. If Mike is wrong about some simple facts concerning Trumpets, what else has he been wrong about?

 Wrong on Trumpets 

To make a Comment           10 Dec


   Mike Dixon's President's Report delivered at the December Board Mtg. On Trumpets, recreation center #3 money matters and construction delay; new assessment payment procedures and the refusal to accept credit card payments.  

Report      8 Dec



  The City's Sun City Anthem Trailhead Project.   I think we should welcome (at no cost) the City's proposal to improve the Anthem East Trailhead on Shadow Canyon Dr. See what's planned and why some homeowners are concerned.

  The Anthem East Trailhead Project  6 Dec

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 Tree Slasher Convicted. While Douglas Hoffman sits in jail awaiting sentencing, delayed until 11 Jan. his conviction has not gone unnoticed in CA. See the Los Angels Times article and 68 responses from their readers. LA Times Article & Responses

  What do you think should happen?



A Calvary Church UPDATE. Here is an Update from Lynn Pendleton, a letter from the City, a message from Mike Dixon, and a BLM letter dated 19 Nov, advising the Church has not notified BLM of any change in their intentions to proceed with their application.



  On Trumpets  Survey results, but so what? Who owns the Trumpets operating license? Who will pay $30,000 for a new license?  Can we have an acceptable restaurant operator in place in less than 120 days? What happens if we fail to get an operator in place by the end of March?

 On Trumpets  To make a Comment           3 Dec


   A Report by David Berman on the November Town Hall Meeting.

        David Berman's Report   3 Dec



  The Double Whammy--On leaving the Clubhouse Villa owners out in the cold for 2008.

    The Double Whammy    3 Dec




Our letter to BLM on the Calvary Chapel Church's application to lease/purchase 20 acres on Volunteer. Depicted at left is a picture of a Russian Church in St. Petersburg, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood.

         SCA View's letter to BLM     14 Nov


  City efforts to intervene in Church plans; Tree slasher guilty on all charges; Murder will out? How much is that Kitec inspection really worth?        

                Recent Events     11 Nov


 The Million Dollar Question: On the failure of the Board to act in the Community's interest. Without sufficient justification, the Board votes to raise assessments.

   The Million Dollar Question  1 Nov


      The October Board Meeting by David Berman

               The October BOD Meeting       1 Nov


   A Report by David Berman on the October Town Hall Meeting. A lot of excitement generated by Church's plan.

        David Berman's Report   1 Nov


    Active Links to all related Church, BLM and City documents and an ACTION NOTICE. The sounds of children at play coming soon to Sun City--if the Calvary Chapel Green Valley Church's proposal is approved by BLM.

Can You Hear Me Now? 1 Nov




  Putting Down Trumpets Rumors, Sort of. President Mike Dixon responds to some rumors concerning Trumpets. Courtsey of David Berman

        On Trumpets Rumors



   The 2008 SCA Budget. Here we offer a Peek at the Finance Committee's Proposed budget for 2008, or PP as we refer to our charts. The "need" for an increase in assessments is in question.

       The 2008 Budget Process Gone Awry

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      The September Board Meeting. From the pen and unique reportorial services of David Berman.

               The September BOD Meeting       8 October

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  Excuse me, who is guilty of what?  In the recently concluded stage play Amadeus at UNLV, court appointed music director Antonio Salieri asks the audience, "Did I do it," referring to the demise (possibly due to poisoning) of Mozart. Here in Sun City we have we have a number of prominent characters, all denying their guilt in one form or another. Caption to picture: "I didn't do it."

       Excuse me, who is guilty of what?     8 October

   What happened to Favil West?, or as some wonder, "Why is Mike Dixon content to hind behind Favil West's coattails on the question of RESERVES?" Answer: Because it easier to raise our assessments than it is to confront Pulte on the reserves issue.        In search of Favil West      8 Oct



 A CSB Bathroom Warning Sign. Click on the WARNING image to read.


KITEC Settlement Discussions. Class counsel provides update on status of negotiations with Judge Bell.    Update   22 Sept


      Is there such a thing as a free lunch?    Here is some advice on investment seminars: Be informed and be wary

     Is there such a thing as a free lunch?   23 Sept

  To read Sunday’s LVRJ Business Section article by Humberto Cruz on “free lunch” seminars, Click here:


    Another Kitec Update

     A Substitute for Danfoss fittings     23 Sept


  Click To Read the Latest REHAU Update, dated 10 September


   Potty Politics. Sadly, key Community players are playing potty politics with the unmet lavoratory needs of the our residents.

            Potty Politics   19 Sept



       Bob Frank Poll Results    

Click on the image for complete poll results on the Board's action to remove Bob Frank from his position as vice president of the Association.    9 Sept.



View: Anthem  A Las Vegas Review Journal publication

SCA Plumbing issues create rift   Group says it wants to help but needs Anthem board's support first By AMANDA LLEWELLYN   Plumbing issues


    Another Kitec Update. Here we provide an Index and Links to all previous KITEC articles; a Checklist for prospective contractors; advice from the City of Henderson; a comparison between Moen and Symmons valves; and a report from a satisfied Repipe Specialists homeowner.

     Another KITEC Update     8 Sept


   Vice President Bob Frank, in his first public statement, responds to questions raised about what happened at the August BOD Meeting.

 Bob Frank's Report to Homeowners   5 Sept


    Another Kitec Update


     More questions and answers     5 Sept



   How Much Money Does Pulte Owe the Association?    Some evidence suggests that Pulte owes the Association in excess of $1 million. If true, why is the Board relucant to pursue the matter?

  How Much Does Pulte Owe the Association?   2 Sept



   With ongoing efforts to dishonor an honorable man, will we ever know the truth of the matter? The Bob Frank story continues.

    In Search of Common Sense   29 August   


  The Johnsons' Repipe Expereince.


       The good, the bad and the ugly     29 August



      The August Board Meeting

               The August BOD Meeting       29 August



   We are introducing a new website feature with this article on SCA's Plumbing Status. As you will learn, an addiitonal 2,000 Sun City WIRSBO plumbed homes are at risk of dezincification. Since we are testing our new "Comment" feature, one or two commentators will be appreciated. NO LOG IN OR REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED TO VIEW OR TO MAKE A COMMENT. 

Click on the hyperlink below. When you arrive at the Anthem View, Plumbing Issues page, merely click on the Article titled "A Plumbing Status Report on Sun City Anthem.doc" and a Word file will open. After reading the Article, you may save the Article or you may either Click on the Return button or Close the Article and you should return to the Anthem View, Plumbing Issues page, where you may Comment on what you have read.      SCA's Plumbing Status   24 Aug


   Trumpets' lessee, S&D Cafe V LLC, files a lawsuit against the Association.

  Read S&D's 20 Aug. Amended Complaint as requested by the Court to provide more definite information as to the fraud claim.

       The Lawsuit          24 Aug


   Have You Already Voted? Give us your anonymous opinion on the Board's action Thursday to remove Bob Frank as VP of the Association.

     The Story   24 Aug



  Bob Frank, already found guilty of bruising egos, is on the verge (TODAY) of being voted out of office as Vice President of the Association. The beginning of an unfolding story. What do you think about this impending event. Take our Poll and give us your opinion.  Dump Bob Frank


NEW Board Update from the President.

This is the sixth in a series of Board Updates designed to improve communications between the Board and the Community, dated 8 Aug.   Board Updates     23 Aug


  A KITEC Repipe Update. REVISED

Detailed pricing information for homeowners.

  Johnson's Repiping Decision III         14 August, Rev.



  A KITEC Plumbing Update.

More thoughts about your repiping decision, about Repipe Specialists and Town & Country Mechanical.

  Ron Johnson's Repiping Decision II         2 August


The Board's Villa Dilemma: continued secrecy or a path towards an equitable resolution?

    The Board's Villa Dilemma      29 July




Did Roz Berman deliberately set out to deceive the Villa owners?

      The Villa Onwers Meeting II      26 July


      The Villa owners program was interesting for the illusion that was created. The real question was whether Roz Berman was holding back on the numbers that the Villa owners were seeking?   

        The Villa Owners Meeting    21 July





        The Community Services Building

Here is the genesis behind the building we know as the Community Services Bldg., a gift to the Community by Del Webb/Pulte and secured through the efforts of The Minuteman Foundation and Favil West.       The CS Bldg.     26 June



  A KITEC/REHAU Update: Pulte defines what constitutes a plumbing repair. After 6 months of homeowners grouping in the dark over what constitutes an acceptable Kitec plumbing repair, Pulte now offers a repair standard.

      A Plumbing Repair Update        13 June




  Evaluating Your Plumbing Options.

   A discussion of plumbing options homwowners will need to consider along with recommendations for those planning to use Wirsbo or Vanguard. Plus copies of product warranties.

In 10 days or so, we will find out if some homeowners can get their home replumbed with copper for about $8,000.

  Plumbing Options, I   15 Apr





Homeowners planning to use Wirsbo and who wish to have any protection against dezincification should request their contractor to use Wirsbo's new (and more costly) C314 bronze fittings, which are confirmed to be currently in stock at Ferguson's, a plumbing supply company in Henderson. 13 Apr 




 A VERY SERIOUS Plumbing Problem Looms Over Phase 2 Homes. Homes built in the 2003-05 period with a REHAU sticker are beginning to leak in the attic from dezincification of those brass fittings. (see photo).      REHAU Fittings Failing    18 Jan



  Brass Fittings Galore  Phase 2 model homes have brass fittings up the wazoo, that is, in the attic. When I wrote to the manufacturer, REHAU, asking them what the zinc content was of their brass fittings, they never got back to me. [Picture at left is of Phase 2 home attic then under construction. See above for an after picture.]








   Where is our Amphitheater?

      Amphitheater  11/29




The Nelson Orth

Story, The High

Cost of Speaking

Out, Part II. The

Nelson Orth Story  11/19


     The High Cost of

Speaking Out in Sun City:

The Nelson Orth Story,

Part I.

        Speaking out can be hazardous to your liberty & health    11/13




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